Mission Control

Welcome to RTP Mission Control! This page displays the Missions I have completed since rebooting this blog in 2021. The Missions are listed in chronological order. I will complete a total of eight Missions up to August 10, 2023. Missions 1-4 operated under my “daily accountability”system. For Missions 5-8 I have transitioned to “weekly accountability.” 

On the last day of each Mission I have a series of “Judgement Day” Challenges where I test myself on the fundamentals. That is, running, swimming, push-ups, chin-ups and hanging leg raises. In addition, each Mission (after M1) has a specific skill or sport focus. For Mission 2 it was surfing, for Mission 3 it was competing in a triathlon, and Mission 4 was shooting under 100 for 18 holes in golf!

For Missions 5-8 I will progressively increase the difficulty of the events/sports. My plan is to do the following (in no particular order): downhill skiing; laser dinghy sailing; rock climbing/abseiling; and perhaps skippering a yacht for Mission 8!

Mission 1: 2021

Sports: Running and Swimming

Accountability: Daily Pictures/Points
Physique Goal: Fat Loss
 Program: RTP HyperShred
Duration: Aug 10, 2021 - Nov 1, 2021
Status: Completed (97.6% Compliance)

Note: DEXA Bodyfat Scan Results:
Day 15: Aug 24, 2021 - 36.4% 
Day 99: Nov 16, 2021 - 27.6%

Mission 1: Day 1/Day 84 Blog Posts

Day 1 Video: Appetite for Reconstruction

G’day, Long time no see (12 years to be exact!). I may have a bit ...

Day 84 Video: Mission 1 Complete – 43 Pounds Down

G’day, After 10 long years of trying to get my health and fitness back on ...

Mission 1: Judgement Day Challenges

5km Run : Time 39:05
250m Swim: Time 9:33

Mission 2: 2021

New Sport: Surfing

Accountability: Daily Pictures/Points
Physique Goal: Fat Loss
Program: RTP Transformation System

Duration: Nov 8, 2021 – Jan 30, 2022
Status: Completed (97.9% Compliance)

Mission 2: Day 1/Day 84 Blog Posts

Day 91 Video: Mission 2 Begins!

https://vimeo.com/643501692 G’day, Fifteen years ago I started this blog with my first Day 1 on …

Day 174 Video: Mission 2 Final Results!

G’day, In today’s video I break down my experience on Mission 2, the highs (stand …

Mission 2: Judgement Day Challenges

New Sport Goal: Surf Stand-Up
Status: Unsucessful On Day 174
(Successful on Day 173!)

Day 173: I Stood Up On A Surfboard…20 Times!

G’day, What a glorious day! I stood up on a surfboard, not once but for ...

Day 98: Surfin’ GCA!

G’day, Surfin’ Gold Coast Australia doesn’t really have the same ring to it hey?! Anyway, ...

Judgement Day Challenges: Fundamentals

5km Run
: Time 33:07
(M1 Time 39:05)
250m Swim: Time 8:02 
(M1 Time 9:33)

Push-Ups: 10
Chin-Ups: 2

Mission 2: Judgment Day Challenge Videos

Mission 3: 2022

New Sport: Triathlon

Accountability: Daily Pictures/Points
Physique Goal: Strength Gain

Program: Strong 5x5
Duration: Feb 7, 2022 - May 1, 2022
Status: Complete (95.2% Compliance)

Note: InBody Bioimpedance Bodyfat Scans

16.2% on Day 180 (05/Feb/2022)
14.5% on Day 278 (14/May/2022)

Mission 3: Day 1/Day 84 Blog Posts

Day 182 Video: Mission 3 Begins!

G’day, After a week of “Active Recovery” I’m back for Mission 3! The last couple ...

Day 265 Video: Mission 3 Complete – Results and Challenge Videos!

G’day, This Mission took a few twists and turns but I’m finally hereDay 84 of ...

Mission 3 Event Challenges - Triathlon

Day 237: My First Triathlon Completed!

G’day, What a dayI participated in (and actually completed) my first ever triathlon! Even though ...

Day 271: Gold At The Byron Bay Triathlon!

G’day, My first Gold Medal! Turns out after completing the Byron Bay Triathlon yesterday was ...

Mission 3: Judgement Day Challenges

5km Run: 29:18

(M2 Time 33:07/M1 Time: 39: 05)
250m Swim: 7:30
(M2 Time 8:03/M1 Time 9:33)

Push-Ups: 22
(M2 Push-ups 12)
Chin-Ups: 5
(M2 Chin-ups 2)
Hanging Leg Raises: 8

Mission 3: Judgment Day Challenge Videos

Mission 3: Strength Gains on Squat

Mission 4: 2022

New Sport: Golf 

Accountability: Daily Pictures/Points
Physique Goal: Lean With Definition
Program: Metabolic Surge (Modified)

Duration: May 18, 2022 – Aug 9, 2022
Status: Complete (95.4% compliance)

Mission 4: Day 1 (Day 84) Blog Posts

Day 282 Video: Mission 4 Begins!

G’day, I’m backand this time I’m playing for keeps! After a two-week “Active Recovery” break …

Day 365 Video: One Full Year Of Daily Accountability Complete!

https://vimeo.com/737893776 G’day, On Day 1 last year I made a vow to complete one full …

Mission 4: Judgement Day Challenge

New Sport: Golf
Shoot under 100 for 18 holes
(Unable to complete due to wrist injury, but did get a par on my first game back, seen below!)

M5 Judgment Day Fundamentals
*Not completed due to flu and other ailments.

Mission 5: 2022

New Sport: Sailing 

Accountability: Weekly Pictures/Points
Physique Goal: Strength for Sailing
Training Program: Strong 5x5
Duration: Aug 16, 2022 - Nov 7, 2022
Status: Completed at 79.0% Compliance

Note: A persistent wrist injury dogged me for the whole Mission. 

Mission 5: Day 1/84 Blog Posts

Day 372 Video: Mission 5 Begins (With Learn To Sail Goal!)

G’day, Here we go againanother Mission has begun! After a seven day “semi-active” rest I’ve ...

Day 455: Mission 5 Ends! Injuries, Absence, Sailing…and A Silver Lining?

G’day, An inner voice has been bugging me for the last six weekswith good reason!  ...

Mission 5: Judgement Day Challenges

New Sport: Sailing
Pass The "Laser Dinghy" Open Water Test

Not completed due to reccurence of injuries, sailing on a catarmaran instead.

*M5 Judgment Day Challenges: Not Completed Due to Wrist and Knee Injuries

Mission 6: 2022

Sport: Triathlon  (Two Events)

Accountability: Weekly Pictures/Points
Physique Goal: Lean Out
Training Program: RTP HyperShred
Duration: Nov 15, 2022 – Feb 6, 2023
Status: Completed 39.0% Compliance
Note: With my wrist in a splint I was unable to train.

Mission 6: Weekly Blog Posts

M6 Weekly Posts

Day 463 Video: Mission 6 Begins – Back To Basics!

G’day, Here we go againanother week another Mission begins! After limping to the finish line ...
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Day 546: Mission 6 Ends…Light At The End Of The Tunnel After 49-Day Absence?

G’day, I’m backagain! Before I go any further I’d like to wish everyone reading this ...
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Mission 6: Judgement Day Challenges

Sport: Two Triathlon Events
Robina Triathlon: January 8, 2023 (Not Completed)
Caloundra Triathlon: February 5, 2023 (Not Completed)

Mission 7: 2022

Sport: Triathlon 

Accountability: Weekly Pictures/Points
Physique Goal: Lean Out
Training Program: RTP HyperShred
Duration: Feb 14, 2023 - May 7, 2023
Status: Active
Note: First Mission back after wrist injury.

Mission 7: Weekly Blog Posts

Mission 7 Weekly

Day 554 Video: Mission 7 Begins!

G’day, I’m back in the Mission saddle with M7! In today’s video I break down ...
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Mission 7: Judgement Day Challenges

Sport: One Triathlon Events
Gold Coast Triathlon: April 2, 2023