Day 174 Video: 80 lb Weight Loss!

In today’s video I break down my 80 lb weight loss over the past 174 days. I also talk about my experience on Mission 2 (another 12 weeks), the highs (stand up surfing) the lows (knee injury) and how I integrated the RTP modules (mindset, motivation, goals, accountability, etc) into my daily routine.

Results: 80 lb Weight Loss Since Day 1!

Over the course of Mission 2 I dropped another 17 kg (37 lbs). This means I have now lost 38 kg (81.3 lbs) since I rebooted my blog on August 10, 2021. My bodyfat drop for this Mission was 5.1% which makes the total overall body fat loss 21.5% (using my Dexa body Fat test on Day 16 of 36.5% as a guide).

With this 80 lb weight loss over the last 6 months I would say that I am ahead of schedule! When I first rebooted my blog (and my life!) I was aiming for around a 10 lb weight loss per month. This would have put me at a 60 lb weight loss over six months, which I would have been happy with. 

Short Term Goal: “Holding The Line”

All in all I am ecstatic with my progress thus far. My number goal right now is to “hold the line” on my 80 lb weight loss and not let myself drift over the next week before I start Mission 3. I know from past experience just how much damage can occur with even one week in “party mode.”

From tomorrow I’ll do a week of “Active Recovery” (a.k.a. holding the line) and start planning Mission 3 which will start on the 7th of February. I’ve got some exciting goals planned for this M3!

Until tomorrow,

Adam Waters

P.S. I’ll post my “Judgement Day Challenge” surfing and exercise videos in a separate post this afternoon.

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