Day 507 Video: Live From Barnes and Noble New Jersey (Stealth Mission)!

G’day Shredders,

A Stealth Mission at Barnes and Noble New Jersey to see if the (Mens Fitness) rumors are true…

See you tomorrow for Shredder Sunday, Episode 9…massive breaking news from the NY4!

Until then…

15 thoughts on “Day 507 Video: Live From Barnes and Noble New Jersey (Stealth Mission)!

  1. Cool video! Hey make sure you get a few extras to post to OZ (we still can’t find it here!).
    Enjoy! Kel.

  2. RENT would have been a blast but you have been to Phantom and Jesus Christ Superstar and don’t you remember Brer Rabbit at the Beenleigh Theatre when you were 5?? ,from your mother!

  3. Dear Adam,

    I looooooooooooove your mom’s comment! She is just the greatest. How could you forget Brer Rabbit…Brer faox and Brer bear… ;-).

    This video is so cool, especially when you wanted to pay at the information-desk, ;-).

    Big hug form Germany,


  4. That was the cutest video I´ve ever seen. Loved it all…wish we had those mags here in Spain, but alas can´t find one. Will search around and see tho…..
    Best camera-woman in the world.

  5. Hi Mum! How could I forget such great shows as POTO and JCS! Funny thing is I don’t remember them as musicals but I guess they were! I don’t quite remember Brer Rabbit but then again I don’t remember anything before the age of 6!

    Chat soon,
    Love Adam

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