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Adam Waters, Real Time Physique
(Picture: Day 748 August 27, 2023)

My name is Adam Waters. I am a 50 year old Aussie living on the Gold Coast. The focus of this blog is two-pronged:

  1. Rapid-fire body transformation to goal weight via a system of daily accountability.
  2. Vigorously “holding the line” with weekly accountability once goal weight achieved.
A 17-Year Journey (Including A 12-Year Abyss)

As you can see from the header graphic above it has been a long and winding journey since November 8, 2006 (Day 1 of my “Original Blog”)…including a gigantic 12-year “abyss” in the middle (a slow and tortuous reverse transformation!).

Before my “disappearance” in late 2009 I had a pretty good run with all RTP related activities! I made a few time lapse weight loss videos that went viral on YouTube, resulting in over 17,496,000 views.

Disney World, Mens Fitness, Viral Videos and Tom Venuto!

This in turn gained me some media exposure with Mens Fitness USA and Australia, along with TV profiles in Japan (where I lived at the time). And believe it or not, I also won a trip to DisneyWorld!

In 2008 I forged a friendship with best-selling fitness author, Burn The Fat supremo, Tom Venuto.

Adam Waters and Tom Venuto in New York City
Adam Waters and Tom Venuto in Times Square, NYC – March 2008
Book, ShredderSphere, Contest and New York Summit!

I published my 7 Module course, the RTP Transformation System in April 2009. In May of that year Tom Venuto helped me promote the world’s first real time body transformation contest.

This contest in conjunction with the ShredderSphere community produced 120 success stories (video below) at a 35.04% participant completion rate (well above the industry average of 2% compliance).

Incredibly, this contest culminated in a quickly organised “New York Shredder Summit” where 55 Shredders” from 7 different countries met up with me, Tom Venuto and Carlos DeJesus (1985 Natural World Champion) in New York City in August 2009!

RTP Success Stories

If you’d like some inspiration you can check out the incredible RTP success stories who completed 12 weeks of daily accountability in 2009 inside the ShredderSphere private community. A video titled, 120 Body Transformation in 120 Seconds, is also provided below.

120 Transformations In 120 Seconds!

Crash…and Reboot!

In an extended bio I’ll explain where it all went wrong but suffice to say I drifted way off course after 2009. I now realise that all my issues were a creation of my own beliefs, expectations and mindset. After 12 years of sticking my head in the sand I hit absolute rock bottom in July 2021.

On August 10, 2021 I vowed one last time to turn my life around. I rebooted the blog, reset my mind, focused my attention, tweaked my accountability system and put all I knew into practice. And lo and behold…I actually followed through!

2021 – A New Twist on Accountability?

After one full year of daily accountability (daily progress pictures and stats) I switched to weekly accountability with the primary goal of maintaining my 82 lb weight loss. As of August 9, 2023 (Day 730) I have now completed two full years of real time accountability. I have decided to maintain a weekly accountability program at least until Day 1000 (May 5, 2024).

This daily to weekly accountability change-up stemmed from a belief that I needed “two Missions to get there and two Missions to stay there.” Once I demonstrated to myself that I could maintain my weight loss over a six-month period I felt comfortable making the switch. This has turned to be a game-changer as I am able to stay on track without the burnout!

Mission Specific Sports

To keep each Mission as fresh as possible I also incorporated a specific sport focus for each 12-week period. These are activities I’d always dreamed of doing but never could due to my weight and fitness level.  So far, I have  attached running, swimming, surfing, triathlon, golf and sailing to my Missions from 2021.

The two highlights so far are winning a gold medal for my age category at the Byron Bay Triathlon on Day 271 and getting my first par in 20 years on Day 309!

Why Do All This Again?

My reason for doing all this again is two-fold. First, I’d like to burn these habits into my brain so that when I do “retire” next time I’ll have the mental strength and resilience to overcome real life setbacks, obstacles and injuries.

Secondly, I’d like to provide an actionable roadmap for anyone in a similar situation to me. If this describes you I invite you to review my accountability system to see if it is something that might work for you.

A good place to start is checking out some of the “milestone” posts I have categorised on my home page. Each day’s post contains progress pictures along with stats on weight, body fat and activity levels. Depending on your starting point this may give you a sense of exactly what I did to drop 81.7 lbs in the first 200 days).

If you’d like to get in touch with me the best way to do that is via a comment on my blog. I read and reply to all comments.

In the meantime…

Eat Clean, 
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters

Links and Highlights: Below I have provided some images and links to the Shredder Summit, the RTP Transformation System, the ShredderSphere and media profiles.

Original Domain: The first incarnation of this blog (November 8, 2006) was hosted at Blogspot http://12weekphysique.blogspot.com. I migrated to WordPress.com in 2008 and then went self-hosted when I rebooted the blog in 2021.

New York Shredder Summit August 2009
New York Shredder Summit - Group Photo August 2009
RTP Transformation System
RTP Transformation Contest 2009
rtp transformation contest 2009 big banner
ShredderSphere 2.0
Mens Fitness Profile

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