Day 510 Video: NYC Pro Pics Declassified!

G’day Shredders,

The following video contains pictures from my declassified professional photo shoot images from my NYC Stealth Mission:).

You will also discover what transpired on the streets of New Jersey before me and my fellow secret agent reached the undisclosed location!

Update: Here are some of the pics below.



P.S.S Regular scheduled programming (i.e. daily accountability) will resume soon as I am now making final plans for Mission 5.

Hint: M5 will include more than one person…

15 thoughts on “Day 510 Video: NYC Pro Pics Declassified!

  1. Dude man, the picture on 4:45 looks so amazing. I already have to congratulate encourage U to continue in a more renlentless way ^^

  2. Thank you Lilla, Christina, Suzette and Bob! I highly recommend booking a photographer for your own pro pics ahead of time for yourself. It is massive for motivation and daily accountability.


  3. i’ve actually thought about doing this(pro pics) as a form of motivation. but i run in to the belief that my body wouldn’t be worthy of pro pics as i worry about the loose skin and the scars from stretch marks. i know others have said to embrace them but i still have a hard time with that.
    at any rate, loved your pics and would love to see more! thanks for sharing!

  4. Truly fantastic photos, Adam.

    I was taken back a bit by the comparison of your BFL vs. RTP time frame. What a difference in the changes you made with RTP.


  5. Mate that was awesome. You have done extremely well and you should be proud. Not only have you transformed yourself, but you are responsible for enabling others (myself included) to transform. You continue to inspire!

  6. Adam, what an awesome transformation and certainly a huge motivator for everyone reading (me included). Whenever I think it isn’t possible to get those stupendous results I think of your pictures and I know for sure it is possible. Thanks for making it possible for me to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself.

  7. Hi Debbie, I still have great respect for Bill P and BFL but there were certain elements in the book that contributed to that 6 year period, along with my own self sabotage which was the greatest factor of course.

  8. Thanks Michael, that means a lot to me for you to say that as you are in the elite category of bloggers who follow through with real time accountability every single day. Shred on mate.

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