Day 757: FUJI TV Profile Goes Live!

G’day Shredders,

As you may recall back on Day 731 a Japanese TV Crew flew in from overseas to interview me on the 2-Year anniversary of Real Time Physique Blog (November 8, 2008).

This TV show is a weekly program on Fuji TV called “Unbelievable” which highlights “amazing stories” from people around the world. The cool part is that this particular TV Show is the 13th highest-rating program in Japan with an average weekly viewership of 20,000,000 people!

What is more amazing is the fact that this TV show went to air tonight, less than one month after TV crew interviewed me! Japanese TV shows sure work fast in post-production and editing!

Here are some “stills” that my friend in Japan snapped as the show was airing (she took pictures of the TV screen with her mobile phone!).

N.B. You’ll notice that a few of the stills have celebrities “real time reactions” in the top left corner!


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