Day 58: Live From Hong Kong…Just!


Day 58 January 6, 2007 in Hong Kong

What a day! I almost missed my flight from Brisbane to Hong Kong! For some reason I thought my flight left at 1:40pm, it wasn’t till I double-checked at 10:15am that I realized my flight left at 12:05pm…nearly 2 hours earlier than I thought!

Earlier that morning I actually went for a HIIT cardio run for 20 minutes, just think I was going for a run while I should have been on my way to the airport…how hardcore is that!

Anyway, once I realized my error I quickly threw my gear (4 bags worth) into the back of my Mum’s car and scrambled to the airport. I got there with 1 hour to spare, however you are supposed to check-in 2 hours prior for internatinal flights these days. I went through immigration and customs in double-quick time so in the end I had ample time to relax.

The only downer was that my family had planned a little surprise birthday party for me before I was due to leave. Needless to say the celebrations were cut short!

However, I received the coolest birthday pressie ever…a DrizaBone riding coat. It is truly a work of art. I will be wearing it later today when I hit the streets on Hong Kong island, it is quite chilly over here now. Thanks Mum, Dad, Kel & Dave for giving me such an awesome birthday present!

I gotta go now, off to the hotel gym for a cardio workout and back again tonight for a weight-training workout. I took a peek at the gym just before and I have to say it is the nicest gym I have ever seen.

The hotel I am staying at is “Harbour Plaza Resort City” in the New Territories of Hong Kong (close to mainland China). What’s even cooler is that I got the 26th floor! I have views right out to mainland China!


Adam Waters

PS Below is the full panorama shot, pretty amazing city!


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