Day 174: Videos Of M2 Judgement Day Challenges


This is becoming a tradition now! Back in the day I’d usually celebrate a Mission completion with something “sweet”, like a chocolate cake or even a holiday!

This time around I’m all about “celebrating” with an actual challenge. Logic would have it that if I just spent 12 weeks on a Mission I should put my new found strength and endurance to the test right?!

So, I completed four separate challenges over the last couple of days, 5km run and 250m swim along with new ones for this Mission, chin ups and push ups. It’s all pretty basic stuff but I think the fundamentals are important.

Enough of the preamble let’s get to the M2 Judgement Day Challenges!

Until tomorrow,


P.S. Thank you to Brod and Jazz who kept filming my run after they crashed, and were attacked by geese!

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