Day 1: The Truth Hurts (So Does Metabolic Surge!)

Adam Waters day 1 metabolic surge
Day 1 of 84 pics for November 8, 2006


Today marks day 1 of my 84 day training program on Metabolic Surge, and I couldn’t be more excited! This afternoon, I tackled my first “Fat Loss Circuit Training” session, a challenging workout that combines low-rep heavy-weight exercises with 40 seconds of intense cardio during “rest periods.” Let me tell you, the sweat was pouring off me after just the first two sets!

The Metabolic Surge Program

Metabolic Surge, created by the Mad Scientist of Muscle, Nick Nilsson, is a comprehensive program divided into three distinct phases over each 12-day period. Phase 1, which I am currently in, focuses on five days of heavy weightlifting, intense cardio sessions, and a “Low-Carb” eating plan. I’ll keep you updated on my progress as we go along.

Today’s session was a real wake-up call for me. I quickly realized that my current fitness level is far from where I want it to be. However, I’m proud to say that I followed through with the workout, even if it was just for one day. After I finished, I mustered up the courage to face the truth head-on… and boy, did it hit me hard!

Facing The Truth On A Daily Basis!

Anyone who has undertaken a “before and after” transformation knows the feeling I’m about to describe. It’s the dreaded moment when you come face-to-face with your overweight self in those “before pictures.” Let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like seeing your own body on film to give you that extra push.

The truth can be a bitter pill to swallow, and I have to admit, I hesitated when it came to exposing my half-naked, less-than-ideal physique on this blog. However, this feeling of anxiety (and the “positive pressure” it generates) is precisely the reason why I am doing this experiment in daily accountability.

I’ve included the “Japan Times” newspaper in one of the photos to eliminate any confusion and provide proof of my official start date. Take a look at the photo below to see a blown-up image of the newspaper, clearly displaying the date November 8, 2006. And for all the horse racing fans out there, you might recognize the winning Japanese jockey of the Melbourne Cup, Australia’s most prestigious horse race!

Japan Times November 8, 2006
Front page of Japan Times November 8, 2006
My Day 1 Weight and Body Fat Stats

Here are the stats of my weight and body fat test taken October 26/2006 by the futuristic “Bod Pod”.

Total Weight: 84.0 kg/185.1 Pounds (U.S)
Lean Weight: 66.5 kg/146.6 Pounds (U.S)
Fat Weight: 17.4 kg/38.3 Pounds (U.S)
Body Fat % : 20.8%

Also, here are my body measurements taken on October 26/2006.
Bicep: 37.1 cm/14.6 inches
Tricep: 35.2 cm/13.8 inches
Waist: 92 cm/36 inches
Chest: 103 cm/40.5inches

I’m gonna do the Bod Pod again in one month (it ain’t cheap you know). I’ll keep you posted!

See you tomorrow (after Fat Loss Circuit Training Part two on Metabolic Surge!)

Adam Waters



2 thoughts on “Day 1: The Truth Hurts (So Does Metabolic Surge!)

  1. Hey there. Your before pics look similar to what I looked like when I started last week, except I have about 25 extra lbs and 5% more body fat.

    So hopefully I can end up looking simlar to your after in 90 days 😉

  2. Thanks Nick, from what I have seen of you so far in the “Burn the Fat Inner Circle” I have no doubt that you will get there mate.

    Eat Clean,
    Shred hard,
    Think BIG!


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