Day 1000 Video: 120 Body Transformations in 120 Seconds


The following video is the 98th (and final) video during the first 1,000 days of this blog (from November 8, 2006 to August 8, 2009). The second video was created by esteemed member Delta Dave (thanks Dave) as a tribute to Shredders at NYC.

120 Transformations In 120 Seconds

Description: 120 real people transform In real time on the RTP Transformation System and in the ShredderSphere Private Community, have a ton of fun in the process, with 50 Shredders meeting up in New York City and Australia at the end of our Missions!

22 Amazing Body Transformations via the ShredderSphere Community (made by member Delta Dave)
Description: 22 real people transform morph in kinda real time...Thank you Delta Dave for creating this amazing tribute video.

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