Day 1005: Central Park Quad Blaster Challenge!

G’day Shredders,

Today was another massive day in Shredder Folklore…the NYC Shredder Summit Central Park Event! Myself and 30 of my fellow Shredders gathered in Central Park to conduct our inaugural Quad Blaster Challenge with the one and only World Champion himself, Carlos DeJesus!

Here are just a few of the 100’s of pictures of the Central Park Quad Blaster Challenge below and the great time we had together on this very special day, and a very special congratulations to Shredder Ben and Shredder Michelle for winning their very own Quad Blaster with amazingly high rep counts!

Central Park Quad Blaster Champions 2009! Michelle and Ben with Quad Blaster inventor Carlos DeJesus!

Scott is pumping out the reps!
ShredderSteve going beyond the pain barrier!

In my best Sunday wear for the QB!
The Ladies Champion Michelle – with an amazing 92 reps!
Men’s Champion Ben going massive with 47 reps!
An amazing display of strength from Carlos, the Quad Blater Inventor!
The NYC Shredder Summit Central Park Quad Blasting Crew!

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