Day 502: The New York Four Have Reached The Summit – ECSS 2008 Goes Live

G’day Shredders,

The East Coast Shredder Summit (ECSS) featuring The New York Four took place today at Shredder Central, the sacred training location of the Super Shredder himself, that’s right Tom Venuto’s home gym in New Jersey!

A New Chapter In Shredder Folklore Has Been Inscribed Today

Due to the enormity of this event, this day, March 24, 2008, is hereby inscribed in Shredder Folklore.

On this day The New York Four (Suzette, Joni, Debbie and Lilla) collectively experienced a real-time manifestation of something much larger than they could have foreseen when they took massive action 150 days ago on the Original 14-Day Group Shred.

It All Started On October 26, 2007

The NY4 have scaled the physique transformation equivalent of Mount Everest. They started their journeys on Day 352: Let The Shredding Begin (Day 1 of Group Shred) purely on faith. At that time there were no plans or promises beyond the initial 14-Day Group Shred.

Once the 14-Day Group Shred reached its conclusion on November 8, 2007 the Shredders showed vision and foresight by deciding that journey would continue for another 70 days until we collectively hit 12 weeks of real-time physique transforming.

Shredder Council Induction

The Shredders who successfully completed the Group Shred Weekly Accountability Phase were then inducted into the Shredder Council (Member Profiles), of which the New York Four were all founding members. The Shredder Council continued to lead by example by practicing what they preached through daily blog & picture accountability and supporting their Fellow Shredders inside the ShredderSphere.


Alive: The Shredder Council Tribute Video

The Council Convenes

Once details of Mission 4: Date With Destiny with Tom Venuto in New York were declassified, The Shredder Council convened and promptly decided to take up the granddaddy of all challenges, i.e. make a full-blooded physique transformation documented in real-time in full view of many thousands of people by Judgment Day March 24, 2008.

East Coast Shredder Summit Goes Live

This event soon became known as the East Coast Shredder Summit (ECSS 2008) which officially went live on February 23, 2008.

The four Shredders who decided to take up the challenge (Suzette, Joni, Debbie and Lilla) became well-known across the ShredderSphere (Real-Time Physqiue Transformation Bloggers) as The New York Four once we went “live” with the ECSS 2008 Final Countdown Video.

ECSS 2008:Final Countdown Video

NY4 Institute A Massive Dose Of “Positive Pressure”

The NY4 then decided up the stakes even higher by posting their “30 Days Out” pictures with a giant question mark on Judgment Day. The New York Four held no fear by employing this advanced Shredder Reveal Tactic as their confidence in their own ability had risen to such an extreme level.

The Real-Time Journey Spanned 150 Days

In totality, The NY4 spent 150 days traversing the treacherous peaks and valleys of internal and external obstacles that have nullified many physique transformation mountaineers who have come before them.

Through eating clean, shredding hard and thinking big The NY4 reached the East Coast Shredder Summit and in doing so they conquered the Physique Transformation Everest – the metaphorical battle fought in our own minds.

NY4 Are Now Role Models

Let it be said, The New York Four are now role models to a whole new generation of Real-Time Physique Transformation Bloggers because of what they have accomplished in such a short period of time. Their deeds have been forever inscribed into Shredder Folklore.

Council Is Now Deliberating On ECSS Document Status

While the Council deliberates on exactly which documents, images and video footage may be declassified in the future much of what transpired during the Summit will remain confidential – including the “Closed Door” Shredder Council Meeting at an undisclosed location in New Jersey.

Declassified ECSS 2008 Image Release

However, in the time being, the New York Four have consented to have this image be made available to Shredder World in the hopes that it will inspire their Fellow Shredders to take massive action on their physique transformation goals and dreams.

The New York Four: In Their Own Words

Now is the time pay homage to The New York Four by visiting their own blogs and reading their real-time accounts of ECSS 2008 and their personal journeys. The best way you can show your appreciation the Famous New York Four is to leave a heartfelt comment on their blog.


Suzette: Excerpt From ECSS 2008

Wow!! What a day it has been!!! I have not formulated all my thoughts yet. there was so much talk happening that I need to absorb it all, plus the fact it is late and am too tired to really think…Let’s just say this was an experience I will not soon forget. I tried to etch every moment into my mind.

Click here to read more from Suzette’s Blog…


Joni: Excerpt From ECSS 2008

I have more to talk about later on today, but I wanted to start off by saying a HUGE HUGE THANKS to TOM VENUTO, author of BFFM and creator of the Burn the Fat Inner Circle, and to ADAM WATERS (shown here in his Men’s Fitness debut), creator of Real Time Physique. It was such an honor and privilege to work out with you both and it means so much to me personally that you took the time to mentor all of the NY4 and continue to motivate us to reach every goal we have for ourselves.

Click here to read more from Joni’s Blog


Debbie: Excerpt From ECSS 2008

What a weekend shredders! It was fantastic meeting Adam, Joni, Lilla, Suzette, and Tom in person. It’s an event I can say I have No Regrets over. I’m grateful to have had this unique opportunity.

Tom worked us hard in the gym and was able to join us for lunch afterwards where we quizzed him about anything & everything. Just a few of the things we spoke about were nutrition, supplements, training, and emotional/mindless eating.

Click here to read more from Debbie’s Blog


Lilla: Excerpt From ECSS 2008

This day will go down in immortal Shredder history! Five people from around the globe flew in to meet one another and to train with the one and only Tom Venuto. This has been one of the most surreal days of my life!

The day began at 10am at an undisclosed location in Hoboken. After an introduction and debriefing with Tom Venuto, author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, we hit the weight room.

Click here to read more from Lilla’s Blog



P.S. Still to come, details of The NYC Stealth Mission: Photo Shoot will be revealed soon.

Event 3) NYC Stealth Mission: Photo Shoot
Current Status: Classified Top Secret!



Shredder Pact:

We will focus on the single daily actions that produce results.

We will “burn our bridges” and not look back.

We will never surrender.

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. Below is a Special Edition Day 502 Real Time Physique Blog Daily Picture for March 24, 2008: ECSS 2008 live image with myself and the Man Himself, Tom Venuto.

7 thoughts on “Day 502: The New York Four Have Reached The Summit – ECSS 2008 Goes Live

  1. Adam – fantastic post today. Love the pics and especially the Original Shredder Tribute video with the song Alive. Gave me goosebumps.


  2. Hi Adam!

    What a great experience – for all of us!!! I am so glad to be witness to everything the shredder council has accomplished. It certainly adds to my shredder-factor. =D

    (the increasing momentum which propels the shredder ever closer toward a successful long-term physical transformation!)

  3. Wow, that light beaming from you in that photo with Tom says it all.
    It’s more than setting a ridiculously high goal and reaching it.
    It’s more than fulfilling a dream of working out with your mentor.
    It’s more than inspiring people to dream big and do big: people you never met, from countries all around the world.
    It’s more than the real friendship we all feel toward you.
    It’s even more than the physical, mental and spiritual transformations we are realizing.
    It’s what you do with that light that feeds our souls.
    You take that big bright shining light and send it right back.
    Right back to your shredders, right back to all of us.
    Right back as bright as you can make it.
    If you could reach out and put that feeling right into us, you would do it.
    It’s your natural state, the way you are.
    And that’s a big reason we know we can do it, it’s a big reason we want to.

    Shine on my brother,
    Jeff McAdamfan

  4. Hey Adam couple of things…
    1) WOW Jeff that is an awesome comment – I need to copy that and paste on my wall or something – it’s all so true!
    2) Forgot to tell you but thanks for the info on setting up analytics and feeds, I’ve got it all going now and it’s much easier to follow the blogs and I can see who is following me!
    3) Ceekaye has enabled feeds on her site now too so you can add her to your list! I can’t make Mike Groom’s work, though, can you?
    4) I am ahead of you in the pushup vote on my site…. 🙂 Sorry to be beating you down so significantly 🙂

    Okay, enough jabber from me, talk to you soon!

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