Day 1025: Aussie Shredder Summit Pics!

G’day Shredders,

What an awesome time the Aussie Shredder Summit 2009 was! We had an awesome action-packed time meeting our fellow ANZAC Shredders over 3 days from Friday to Sunday.

Friday Night Teppenyaki!
On Friday night we met up for dinner at Kabuki which featured all-you-can-catch dinner served up from our cook 10 ft away! We had a couple of dropped catches (of rice and eggs!) but we all had a great time!

Saturday at SouthBank: Blaster Challenge!
On Saturday arvo, we kicked off with a BYO Lunch in the beautiful SouthBank gardens in Brissy and followed up with a Quad Blaster Challenge and a very competitive game of touch footy (I can’t remember who won that one!).

NOTE: An Australian Quad Blaster record was set on this Challenge by the one and only Jules!!!

Saturday Night Boat Cruise with Special Guest Lilla!
We capped off our action-packed day with a Boat Cruise on Saturday Night when we all got a massive surprise…esteemed NY4 Shredder Lilla came up all the way from Byron Bay!!!

It was awesome for all ANZAC Shredders to see the one and only Lilla and we had a great time together discussing the Sphere, our fellow Shredders, and our Shred journeys. The food was A-Plus and the tunes were cool too…the dance floor even saw some Shredder Action before we docked!

Sunday at the Markets, Bike Ride & Sayonara Lunch!
And then on Sunday we had an awesome bike ride through the heart of Brissy after a stint at the Riverside Markets. We went from the Botanical Gardens across the Goodwill Bridge, and then over the Storey Bridge (after a slight detour!) and then across the Riverside bike track and back to the Botanical Gardens…all in 45 mins!

After our bike ride we made a quick stop on Queen St. Mall (to pick up some classified items!) and then made our way back over to SouthBank for our Summit Sayonara (and to celebrate my Mum’s B’day!).

I would like to say amassive thank you to AussieCleo, Jules, Mummie, Renae and Lilla for making this first Aussie Shredder Summit so much fun! Dave and I had an awesome time with you and we both look forward to seeing you continue to shred massive in the Sphere and maybe even catching up again another time!

Until next time…

Eat Clean, Shred Hard, Think BIG!


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