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Note: This page is an archive of the original RTP Transformation Contest promotion run from April to August 2009. The Contest participants (numbering 1435) documented their 84-day physique transformation on a daily basis via their Private Blog inside the Member’s Only ShredderSphere Real Time Accountability Community.

At the bottom of this page you can see pictures and videos of the RTP Grand Champions with Adam Waters and Tom Venuto in New York City, along with the 55 Shredders who flew in from 10 different countries to participate in the Shredder Summit!

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As You Saunter Down From

Your Luxurious Winner’s Pad…

…at the W. Hotel in Hoboken you feel your heart start to beat a little faster. Time actually starts to stand still as you prepare to savour every moment of this day that is about to unfold…

…It’s 9:25 AM on August 8, 2009

In just 5 minutes time, Tom Venuto, will swing by the W. to escort you, your fellow Contest Winner and Adam Waters on a “road trip” you’ll never forget.

That’s right! Over the next 10 hours you will be living the dream with two online fitness icons. Your “Winner’s Itinerary” for the day includes a one-on-one training session in New Jersey, a professional photo shoot, a private dinner with Tom and Adam in New York City, and a “Broadway Show” in Manhattan’s famed “theatre district.”

Your Hosts For The Day!

Adam Waters and Tom Venuto

There’s A Buzz In The Air!

Once you meet up with your fellow Contest Winner and Adam in the lobby and start discussing the day’s itinerary, the anticipation and excitement level hits fever pitch!

You realize that right here, right now history is being made…and you, being the winner of the world’s first real time body transformation contest are about to participate in something very special.

Then It Happens…

…Out of the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of the man himself.

Tom Venuto’s “Burn The Fat Mobile” has arrived! After viewing your physical transformation in real time over the last four months Tom greets you like an old friend.

With a warm handshake and a big smile Tom congratulates you on your success in winning the RTP Transformation Contest, and also for inspiring many thousands of other people in the process.

After our introductions, we hop into Tom’s car and officially hit the “Go Button” on today’s action-packed itinerary. First stop, an exclusive gym in the heart of New Jersey where you will train one-on-one with Tom, Adam and your fellow Contest Winner!

As you cruise the streets of New Jersey in style you have to stop to pinch yourself one last time…

I Must Be Dreaming!

“Man, I must be dreaming…here I am in the best shape of my life sitting with Tom Venuto, natural bodybuilding legend and Amazon best-selling author, an Aussie who has just racked up 1000 days of real time accountability on his Real Time Physique Blog, and my fellow Contest Winner, with whom I have shared an amazing “real time journey” with over the last 4 months to be here for this special event.”

Adam was right, this truly is the experience of a lifetime…and the day has only just begun!”

Here’s Exactly What You Will Receive as
Winner of the RTP Transformation Contest


RTP Transformation Contest Prize #1:

*Round Trip Airfares to New York

A Round Trip Coach Class Airfare (up to a maximum of US $1,500) from the nearest major city airport from your permanent residence to New York City, USA (J.F.K Airport) is included in the Contest Prize.

*Important: Entry and participation in this Contest is void where prohibited. The RTP Transformation Contest 2009, is open to individuals who are legal residents of the 50 United States (except residents of Arizona, Vermont and Rhode Island) and the District of Columbia, and where local, state and federal and international laws permit in foreign countries. Please read Contest “Terms and Conditions” located at the link below for full details.

In addition to your Round Trip Airfare being taken care of you’ll also receive two nights accommodation at the luxurious W. Hotel Hoboken with views overlooking the Manhattan skyline!

RTP Transformation Contest Prize #2:

2 Nights At W. Hotel Hoboken With Views Overlooking Manhattan Skyline!

You’ll stay at the luxurious W. Hotel in Frank Sinatra’s home town! The W. Hoboken is a newly built, iconic landmark situated on the Hoboken waterfront where magnificent Manhattan unfolds before your eyes. Exclusive dining and sizzling shopping are just steps or a ferry ride away.

Note: You will receive two nights Accommodation (guest rooms with Manhattan skyline views) at W. Hotel on the 7th and 8th of August, 2009 with check-in available from 3:00PM onwards on Friday August 7, 2009 and check-out on Sunday August 9, 2009 at 12:00PM.

And if having your airfares and Accommodation is not enough you’ll also be privately escorted to each destination on our action-packed itinerary in the coolest ride in town…Tom Venuto’s top-secret “Burn The Fat Mobile”!

RTP Transformation Contest Prize #3:

A Ride In Tom Venuto’s “Burn The Fat Mobile”!

This is an experience that money cannot buy! You’ll be privately escorted to each location on the Contest Event itinerary in Tom Venuto’s “Burn The Fat Mobile”! Can it get any cooler than this?!

In addition to your airfares, accommodation and transport being taken care of, you’ll also receive US $500 in spending money so you can maximize your once-in-a lifetime experience during your free time in New York City!

RTP Transformation Contest Prize #4:

US $500 Spending Money

On Saturday, August 8, 2009 at 10:00 AM the fun begins! On this day, you’ll experience an event that you will one day tell your grand kids about…one of the most amazing and intense experiences of your life.

Yes, that’s right, a one-on-one training session with Tom Venuto and Adam Waters!

RTP Transformation Contest Prize #5:

Training Session In New Jersey with Tom Venuto and Adam Waters

First Stop: Join Tom and Adam for the ultimate training experience!

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to put your newly transformed body to the ultimate test! A one-on-one training session with Tom Venuto and Adam on Tom’s “home turf” in New Jersey!

After our training session you, your fellow contest winner, Tom and Adam will hop back into the “Burn The Fat Mobile” and cruise over to Tom’s favorite New Jersey buffet restaurant and have a healthy post-workout lunch where we’ll “chew the fat” in a relaxed atmosphere.

After lunch we’ll then take a cruise in Tom’s car to meet up with our photographer at 2:00PM for our scheduled professional photo shoot, featuring jaw-dropping New York City landmarks in the background!

RTP Transformation Contest Prize #6:

Pro Photo Shoot In New York City

Second Stop: Join Tom and Adam for pro pics in NYC!

With your newly transformed physique you’ll have pro pics done with Tom and Adam overlooking the Empire State Building and the New York City Skyline!

That’s right, the same rooftop where Adam Waters had pro pics done on April 1, 2008 which were later featured in Men’s Fitness Magazine and broadcast to 20,000,000 people on Japanese TV (as seen in the photo above).

After immortalizing your dream body in front of epic NYC landmarks it is now time to head into Times Square and enjoy a well-deserved “reward meal” at an exclusive restaurant with Tom, Adam and your fellow Contest Winner.

That’s right, you’ll get up close and personal with Tom and Adam as we celebrate your grand achievement in style!

RTP Transformation Contest Prize #7:

Private Dinner In New York City

Third Stop: Join Tom and Adam for a private dinner in NYC!

After the day’s action-packed itinerary this is your opportunity to kick-back and get up close and personal with Tom and Adam at an exclusive restaurant in New York City to celebrate your grand achievement, Tom’s birthday and Adam’s 1000 days of real time accountability blogging!

After our private dinner at an exclusive restaurant in New York City, you, your fellow Contest Winner, Tom Venuto and I will head over towards Times Square for the ultimate New York City experience…catching a Broadway Show in Manhattan’s famed “Theatre District”!

RTP Transformation Contest Prize #8:

Tickets To a Broadway Show in Manhattan’s Famed Theatre District!

Fourth Stop: Join Tom and Adam for a Broadway Show!

You will cap off one of the most memorable days of your life with the ultimate New York City experience…tickets to a Broadway Show in Manhattan’s famed “theatre

Note: The video above was recorded on my last trip to New York City in March 2008, where Tom and I caught a Broadway Show (watch the video to find out which show!) The only difference this time is that you could be joining us!

But wait! It gets even better …you’ll also be able to preserve your precious memories forever in the coolest way possible! That’s right, your real time journey to this once in a lifetime event will also be captured in a “time lapse” video.

And yes, your “time lapse body transformation” video will look something like this

RTP Transformation Contest Prize #9:

Your Very Own Time Lapse Video!

Your journey to a dream body immortalized forever in a time lapse video!

You will have your own Hi-Definition “time lapse” body transformation video custom produced for you by Adam Waters and sent to your home mailing address on DVD. This is a great keepsake to show your family, friends, and maybe even your grand kids one day!

Note: Adam Waters’ “6 Months in 66 Seconds” (shown above) is one of the most viewed “weight loss” videos in Internet history.

Last, but definitely not least…your real time success story will be immortalized forever in print within the covers of RTP Transformation System 2.0!

 RTP Transformation Contest Prize #10:

Your Success Story Immortalized in RTP Transformation System 2.0!

Your Success Story will be featured in RTP Transformation System 2.0!

 How would you also like your story to make a meaningful difference in the lives of thousands of people? How would you like to touch, inspire and motivate scores of people in the process of transforming your own body and life?

Well, now you can. Your success story will be featured in the Introduction Section of RTP Transformation System 2.0, and will serve as an inspiration for many thousands of people who read the 2.0 Version of this System well into the future.

Here’s What Happened Next…

In conjunction with the RTP Transformation Contest we organized a 3-Day “Summit” in New York City in August 2009, where over 50 members of the ShredderSphere community flew in from 7 different countries to meet myself, Tom Venuto, Carlos DeJesus and each other in person!

Pictures from the “Shredder Summit” and videos of the 120 RTP Success Stories.

120 Transformations in 120 Seconds


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