RTP Transformation System


Non-Hype Facts About These RTP Transformation System Success Stories

Every single success story you see above (plus the additional 120 success stories on the RTP Transformation System) documented their 84-day physique transformation on a daily basis via their Private Blog inside the Member’s Only ShredderSphere Real Time Accountability Community.

Yes, these are all Real People who got Real Results in Real Time via the 7-Module RTP Transformation System (including the RTP Nutrition Program and the 12-week RTP Training Program). In fact, the 35.04% success rate of people finishing the 12-week RTP Course far outweighs the industry average of 2%. The average weight loss per person over their 84-day “Mission” is 7.4 lbs.

Your results may vary. As always, above average results require above average effort. Read on to learn more about this unique system and how you can put it to work for you.

The World’s First RealTime, Step-By-Step Body Transformation System Is Now Live!

That’s right! In just a few short moments you may be eligible to receive instant access to the exact step-by-step body transformation system and replicate the amazing success that 130 people just like you have already had on this program.

Adam Waters
Adam Waters, author of the RTP Transformation System

From: Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT


Even though we have never met I think I may know how you feel…

You are tired of spending untold hours in the gym using ineffective training programs that rehash the same old stuff and produce no discernible difference to your physique.

You are sick of following “miracle” diets that dictate deprivation, semi-starvation and complete elimination of your favorite foods.

You are tired of wasting yourhard-earned money on “miracle” fat burners, pills, potions, shakes and gadgets only to discover that these products are based on fraudulent claims and junk science.

You are sick of having your intelligence insulted by glossy fitness magazines (which are wholly owned subsidiaries of supplement companies) promising you can effortlessly “Get Six-pack Abs in 6 days” with a “magic” pill.

You are tired of investing your emotional energy into personal trainers that have been “buff” their whole adult life and have no real idea of the mental,  emotional and physical struggles that you go through on a daily basis.

You are sick of placing your trust in “online fitness gurus” that don’t reveal their true identity and hide behind stock images of professional bodybuilders and fitness models on their product sales pages.

We’re Only Scratching The Surface…

The bottom line is that you are frustrated that after years of using supposedly “break through” training programs, following “miracle” diets, guzzling “magic” supplements and taking “cutting edge” advice from online fitness gurus you are still nowhere near your dream body.

However, if you are like I was, these frustrations and anxieties are really only scratching the surface. The negative effects of being overweight and constantly failing in your attempts to get into shape are starting to affect your self-esteem and sense of self worth on a core level.

Your inability to regain control over your body has possibly flowed over into other areas of your life and has affected your health status, your relationships with your loved ones, your career opportunities, your emotional well-being, and your ability to take action on your “true” dreams and goals.

I Know What It’s Like…

…because I was once there too. I have been in your situation. I was there for 6 long years. I know how deep the frustration is when you continually set goals to re-shape your body, but no matter how hard you try success still seems to elude you.

I know what it’s like to lay awake at night and wonder if you’ll ever get your dream body this lifetime.

I know how it feels to wake up every morning with a cloud hanging over your head, and living each day with a sense of frustration, anxiety, apathy and hopelessness about the future.

I know what it’s like to be ridiculed in front of large groups of people for being overweight, and the sense of embarrassment you feel by constantly having to hide your flab with over sized clothing.

I know what it’s like to feel trapped inside a body that severely limits your capacity to live life to it’s fullest, and renders you in a state of paralysis unable to make clear focused decisions about your future.

If you can relate to any (or all) of these scenarios then I have one thing I’d like to say before we go any further…don’t throw in the towel just yet.

There Is No Rule…

Take it from me, there is no “rule” that states you must go through years of failure, frustration and wasted effort before you can finally achieve the body of your dreams.

A total body transformation need not require 5 years, 1 year or even 6 months to accomplish.

That’s right…not only is it possible to see “amazing” results in 12 weeks or less (depending on your “starting position), your success will be inevitable when you combine my proven training and nutrition blueprint, along with a comprehensive “inside-out” mental and emotional transformation strategy that “compels” you to implement the single daily actions that produce results.

7 Reasons Why You Can Do This Too

Trust me, if a regular guy like me can do this after 6 long years of failure you can do it too. While my results over Mission 1 (and subsequent Missions) may appear like I had “special” advantages that enabled me to change my body in a short period of time the truth is this:

1) I have average genetics (See my July 2003 picture when I hit 27% body fat for proof).

2)I have never had a trainer or nutritionist to design “cutting-edge” training and meal plans.

3)I have never had a training partner to help motivate or “spot” me while training.

4) I do not have access to “fancy” gym equipment (I use a very “basic” local gym)

5) I have never used any “fat burners” (I eat real food)

6) I have never used any drugs or hormones (I’m 100% natural) .

7) I have a full-time job working 9 to 5.

In short, I really am a regular guy, just like the vast majority of working men and women out there in the “real world.”

 Will This Really Work For Me?

The question that may be going through your mind right now is, “Ok, it’s obvious your System works for you and 120 of your customers, but how do I know if this will really work for me?”

Here’s the truth, your results on any program will depend on your work ethic and your willingness to take the single daily actions that produce results. It’s that simple.

For those few people who think that just the act of buying something will immediately cause results to happen like “magic”, there is no program that can really help them.

However, if you are…

1) Someone who truly desires a rapid-fire body transformation.

2) Someone who can follow simple instructions.

3) Someone who is willing to take immediate action.

4) Someone who is ready to live their dreams again.

…Then this unique body transformation system can work for you.

Here’s The Kicker!

A rapid-fire body transformation can open up a whole new world of possibilities for you. The crazy dreams and goals you may have long given up on will once again feel within your grasp.

A full-blooded physique transformation will embolden you to live life to the “max” and help you break the chains of conditioned reality to manifest the life of your dreams. That’s what you have to look forward to when you harness the power of a total transformation!

But…Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

However, before you can get “there” it is necessary to be truthful with yourself and realize that your current body transformation methods are not working. As a wise man once said,

“Nothing changes if nothing changes. If you continue to do what you have always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got.”

If you continue to: think the same thoughts, believe the same myths, have the same attitudes, eat the same foods and train the same way…it is an absolute certainty that you’ll still be in the same position you are now 1 year, 5 years or even 10 years from now.

Over 10,000 People Asked Me This Question…

So, what is the secret to body transformation success? Well, over the last few years I have received this very question from over 10,000 people in the form of emails, blog comments, video comments, forum posts and personal messages.

Truth be told, the email really started flooding in when my time lapse body transformation video, “84 Days in 48 Seconds” hit No.1 on Google Video for the search term “weight loss” just over a year ago (Check out the screen capture below of the Google Video search results for “weight loss”).

Google SEO

“So, What Is The One Thing?”

The majority of these questions essentially boiled down to the following:

Adam, what was the one thing you and your Success Stories did differently to break through years of failure to make a body transformation in just 84 days?”

The answer to this question is simple.

There is no one single thing…there are 7.

The 7 Steps To Body Transformation Success

Due to a genuine desire to help people transform their lives as quickly as possible, I recently decided to codify the 7 steps to body transformation success into one comprehensive 90-Day System.

This System contains the exact principles, strategies, tactics and Action Steps I personally researched, discovered, developed over 8 years, and applied in real time over a 3 year period (comprising 6 transformation Missions).

Put simply, this 7-Step System cuts through all the confusion, all the hype, all the misinformation and lays out in painstaking detail the exact steps you must take in “real time” to transform your physique in the shortest time possible.


What will the RTP Transformation System do for me?

The RTP Transformation System has only one purpose:

Empower You to Make a Life-Transforming Full-Blooded Physique Transformation in 90 days.

Follow the Action Steps exactly as they are laid out and the RTP Transformation System will:

  • Fast-track your success by saving you potentially years of frustration and wasted effort by hand delivering to you the exact mental training, weight training, cardio and nutrition program for rapid results (a comprehensive 84-Day training and nutrition plan is included).
  • Eliminate your confusion once and for all by cutting through the information overload, the clutter, the hype and the misinformation by showing you what it really takes to transform your physique in the shortest time possible.
  • Crush your limiting beliefs and enable you to create a self-fulfilling prophecy of physique transformation success.
  • Skyrocket your self-esteem, self-confidence and energy levels, and empower you to live the life of your dreams.
  • Show you step-by-step how to harness your “transformation momentum” and make your positive lifestyle changes permanent.
  • Save you a ton of money by revealing the uncensored truth about about supplements, pills, potions, shakes and gadgets, and why don’t need them to transform your physique.


What does the RTP Transformation System Contain? 

The Same Goal Achievement Formula

The RTP Transformation System contains the same goal-achievement formula that put me on Japanese Network TV in front of 25,000,000 viewers

NHK TV Profile on Adam Waters: English Subtitles

 NOTE: Broadcast on NHK Channel 2 to 5,000,000 people on October 14, 2007.


The Same Accountability and Support System

Included with the RTP Transformation System is one month free access to the same ShredderSphere™ accountability and support system that 130 people just like you have harnessed with great success to finally “break through” and make rapid fire body transformations while supporting each other in the process.

Video below: Piloting 130 of my proteges through an intensive “84 Day Shred Mission” using the ShredderSphere™ real time accountability and support system.

RTP Success Stories 2009: Tribute Video


The Same Nutrition and Training Program

The RTP Transformation System also contains the same nutrition and training program that 120 people just like you used to burn body fat and gain muscle over 84 days.

Below are the spectacular results that RTP Grand Champions: Dean Theisinger of Namibia, Africa, and Elaine Morales of Jersey Shore, USA over 12 weeks following the cutting-edge RTP Training and Nutrition Program.

Dean Theisinger: 84 Day Statistics on RTP

Fat Weight Lost
22 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
14.9% of Bodyfat Lost
Muscle Gain
16 Pounds of Muscle Gained

“RTP Will Change Your Mind, Body and Life”

The RTP System has my best vote for a body transformation system which gets excellent results.When I started RTP I was skeptical and not sure if this System was going to transform my body as I have tried so many times before and failed only to gain more fat and weight back.

What is so wonderful about this RTP system is it’s ability to motivate you from within by first getting your mind and attitude right and then it proceeds to hold you accountable everyday in every way.

I have managed to make an amazing transformation by keeping it simple and following the massive action steps which RTP teaches you.

My self-confidence has soared and I now live a wonderful healthy lifestyle and I love my life and myself. The RTP System provides a wonderful support structure through the ShredderSphere Support Community and keeps you motivated throughout your transformation.

The more effort you put into it the greater your reward after the 84 initial days. The RTP System focuses on results and gets them effortlessly. The process is fun and very informative and guaranteed to succeed.

RTP will change your mind, body and life and exceed your wildest expectations. You will feel great and look wonderful and hear all sorts of people complimenting you on your great new looks.

Go for it now!!

Dean Theisinger,

Namibia, Africa

Elaine Morales: 84
Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
25 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
18.5% of Bodyfat Lost
Muscle Gain
14 Pounds of Muscle Gained

“Adam, You Provide All The Tools – You Spell It Out!”

Well, you’ve read my story, you know how I’ve worked the program, what my results were, and how trilled I am. I wanted to also take the opportunity to reflect a bit on the RTP System. Why did it work for me? I am in the best shape of my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE! How can this be?

Even before discovering and purchasing RTP, I KNEW what to do to get in the best shape of my life, but I NEVER applied this knowledge. Adam, your program offers something VASTLY different. You don’t just talk about visualization and goal-setting, you show us how and keep us accountable. You put equal emphasis on the mental and emotional work and transformation as you do the physical.

And – you provide all the tools! You spell it out. The training and nutrition is idiot-proof! I was forced to up the intensity of every workout in a way I have never experienced before. The training and nutrition logs were invaluable. The accountability log and daily blogs are totally unique. And key to the success of this program.

I was very skeptical about the Shreddersphere. I am an introvert and a private person. I have never blogged, posted to a public discussion board, nor participated in any online community (except Facebook) before. But you have developed something special here. The tone here is so positive and supportive. Having a closed community makes it safe – don’t need any near-naked pics of me circulating at the office!

Yes, it takes massive effort. RTP is NOT a quick fix. It is NOT easy. But you have provided step-by-step instructions on how to work it. I didn’t have to think, just do. AND, your sincere and encouraging presence is most welcomed. I have perceived you as a role model and mentor, someone who has been there like the rest of us.

So, thank you, from the bottom from my heart. I am thrilled to be a part of this community and hope I can give back even a fraction of what I have gained from it.

With warm wishes,

Elaine Morales,

Jersey Shore, U.S.A.

Ok, by now you are probably wondering what it is that makes RTP such a powerful body transformation system. You are probably very curious to know how this System empowered me to get results like “clockwork” over the last 2 years.

Even more important, you want to know what makes this System different from the other weight loss programs and “miracle diets” out there in cyberspace.

Well, buckle up! I’m now going to show you exactly…

…Why The RTP Transformation System Is Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen Before

Fact: The vast majority of fitness programs on the market today only give you nutrition and training advice before sending you on your merry way.Problem: My 6 years of trial and error and 2 full years of body transformation success has taught me one thing in no uncertain terms:Failure to get your “head right” first will short circuit your body transformation attempt before it even gets off the ground.Thus, the primary reason why most people fail to get results following the diet and training protocols offered by most fitness authors is because these books uniformly fail to address the critical mindset components that ultimately determine success on the physical realm.

Contrary to most fitness programs, the RTP Transformation System recognizes a fundamental truth:

Your body is merely a physical representation of your daily actions which are derived from your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and emotions.

Fact: In order to transform the “outside” you must transform the “inside” first and address the fundamental components that “make or break” success.

In other words, core psychology, subconscious programming, emotional baggage and underlying motivation must be addressed BEFORE focusing on training and nutrition. Addressing these critical factors up front is the precise reason why I (and 130 of my fellow Shredders) have achieved rapid AND lasting results following the RTP approach to fitness.

Fact: This break-through approach to mental AND physical transformation, along with the ShredderSphere Real Time Support and Accountability Community is also the reason why you too can duplicate our success and transform your physique on this System.

However, don’t just take my word for it…check out what happened when three people “beta-tested” the RTP Transformation System prior to the official public release.

Here’s what happened, while I personally got great results on the RTP Transformation System during my publicly documented “Mission 5”, I knew the only way to test the true effectiveness of this System was to put it into the hands of “real people” prior to the official launch on March 10, 2009.

So, that is exactly what I did. In December 2008 I invited a handful of “RTP Test Pilots” to take the Program for a “test-drive” over the first three months of 2009.

100% Success Rate For The First Three People To Complete The RTP Transformation System!

So how did this “real world experiment” go? Well, I’ll cut right to the chase…the first three people to complete the full 7-Step System and document their 84-Day Training and Nutrition Program inside the ShredderSphere each made full-blooded physique transformations!

Debbie Scheir

Debbie’s Final Statistics on RTP
15.6 Pounds (7 kg’s) Lost over
84 Days
6.7% Body fat of Lost over 84

“The RTP Transformation System Is In A Class By Itself…”

“The RTP Transformation System is absolutely in a class by itself. I have personally used the system and it is by far the most comprehensive program out there.  Adam Waters leaves no stone unturned. If you are serious about losing weight and improving your health and fitness level, you won’t be disappointed with the RTP Transformation System.

It will take you step by step in getting you prepared for your start on day 1. This is important since many people make the mistake of starting a program without proper preparation only to realize it afterwards.

RTP walks you through several unique Action Steps which will reveal WHY you want to get fit and WHAT motivates you.  All the pre-work is done up front so that you know exactly what to do and why you’re doing it when you start your program.

Adam Waters has personal experience in losing weight several times only to gain it all back. He has found what works and is sharing his experience on how each of us can not only make our own transformation but also without fear that we’ll return to our former unfit selves.

His outstanding character and integrity is demonstrated in every Module of his System and the ShredderSphere community he created is like having a friend by your side offering support every step of the way.

You deserve the best fitness program available. It doesn’t matter if this is your first, fifth or fiftieth attempt to get fit ? RTP will show you the way to achieve your dream body and not look back.

It’s an investment in yourself you won’t regret.”

Debbie Scheir,
Ohio, USA

David Waters

David’s Final Statistics on RTP
22.2 Pounds (9.2 kg’s) Lost over 84 Days
7% Body fat Lost over 84 Days.

“After Reading RTP I Knew There Was No Way I Could Fail”

“Hi everybody and yes I finally did it! I am soo thrilled to have completed Adam’s RTP Transformation System!! It was the hardest and also the most exhilarating experience of my life. There were times there that I had to go to my core to get the job done.

I am so proud of myself of continuously striving to get the most out of myself. Its not only about the weight loss and the physique change but the emotional shift. I changed in ways I never thought possible.

This was probably the biggest accomplishment of my life along with obtaining my P.G.A. Card. The big thing about my personality is that I’ve always been a hard word worker but I’ve never felt successful and as a result massive success had never been obtained to the extent that I’ve seen from my peers.

The biggest thing that I finally broke this down to was emotional. The RTP Transformation System was fantastic and extremely insightful in its approach to the physical and nutritional side to a physique transformation.

Now fast forward to the beginning of this Mission and I asked Adam if I could come aboard. He said absolutely and I started.

After reading his modules there was no way I could fail if I followed exactly how it was written. Now after about 60 days of continued discipline there were very visible results!

I was excited and Adam was beaming. I knew I had gained his respect and restored my word with vigorous confidence for life. After 84 days I was over the moon!! My life has just begun…

The last thing I want to say is a big thank you to all the Shredders. It’s such an amazing feeling waking up and seeing all those positive messages. It gives you that massive high and push to go harder every day.

I would go through days especially on those last few weeks that all I wanted to do was write about my inspiring day. I would work extremely hard so I could share it with everybody else about my conquest that day.

That just says amazing things about the Shreddersphere and how it was created.

David Waters,

Brisbane, Australia

Then, a mere six days after David Waters finished his 84-Day transformation, the third RTP Success Story in 16 days completed his “Mission” as well! Check out Brian Hildebrand’s results pictures taken on April 5, 2009, along with his triumphant “Day 84 Blog Post”!

Brian Hildebrand

Brian’s Final Statistics on RTP

27 Pounds (12.2 kg’s) Lost over
84 Days

12% Body fat Lost over 84 Days.

“Thank You Adam Waters for your RTP System!”

“Excellent! All Goals and Wildest Dreams Met!!

Goal – 30% down to 18% body fat – Actualized 18.1%!

Goal – 216 down to 190 pounds – Actualized 189.4 pounds!

Goal – Mission 1 becomes successful so my next Mission 2, can have a standing chance of putting me on the white sand Florida beach with my family, my cake, and my six pack of abs on 7/23/2009 – Actualized!

Major thanks in advance have to go to my fellow RTP Transformation System Shredders inside the ShredderSphere for the “Positive Pressure” of encouragement you have given me over these last 84 days. (access to the actual “Sphere” blog is given to those who purchase the System)


1) Being in the best shape of my life in nearly 20 years.

2) Inspiring others that a normal everyday sedentary office worker, husband and father of three can achieve massive health and nutrition improvements when following a strategic plan with focus and dedication – Thank you Adam Waters for your great example and especially for your RTP Transformation System.

3) Obtaining the simple stuff: playing with my kids at the playground with vigor, flexibility and ease of movement’ knowing I can jump, crawl and climb right along with them!

4) Being totally blown away that the fat and weight goals I wrote down were rooted in Tom Venuto’s The Body Fat Solution sound conservative life-long habit forming principles (0.8% body weight loss per week, 1% body fat % reduction a week).

This Mission would not have been possible without Adam Waters becoming my mentor when he humbled me to become a part of the RTP Transformation System back on 12/22/2008 on my Day 14: Massive and Immediate Action! 213 DTG and his Day 774: Massive And Immediate Action!

Cheers to you Adam – RTP works bro! Pictures are worth more than what I can say! Thank you Fellow Shredders!

Thank you Adam Waters! Thank you Tom Venuto! Thank you Cassie Dimmick!

Thank you friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors!



Brian Hildebrand,

Texas, USA

Even More Amazing…RTP Produces a 35.04% Success Rate!

And then, something even more amazing transpired over the next 3 months! The world’s first real time body transformation challenge was conducted inside the ShredderSphere.com Private Support Community and proceeded to redefine the fitness landscape in the process!

While the results people achieved over these 12 weeks were nothing short of amazing (as you can see below), the most amazing statistic was the completion rate for all “Shredders”! Of the 371 people who officially commenced their “Missions”, 120 people finished the full 12 weeks for a completion rate of 35.04%!

This high follow-through rate speaks volumes for the effectiveness and results-based approach taken with the RTP Transformation System and the ShredderSphere Real Time Success Community.

Check out their amazing stories below and how the RTP System coupled with the ShredderSphere Support Community played such an important role in their success.

Eric Dalkenberg

Eric D: 84 Day Statistics on RTP

Fat Weight Lost
43 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
11% of Bodyfat Lost

“The ShredderSphere Is An Amazing Group of People…”

The RTP Transformation System and the ShredderSphere community have helped me to change my life! I was overweight, having health issues, and really wondering how to turn things around. I received an email from Tom Venuto about the program and as soon as I started reading the material, I knew this was the path that would take me where I needed to go.

The RTP Transformation System is a well thought-out, proven system combining a 12-week physical training regimen, a nutrition plan that supports the high level of physical work being done, and a powerful mental training system to help discover and address those mental blocks that can so easily derail your efforts.

The ShredderSphere community is an AMAZING group of people who support, encourage, and help each member as they pursue their Missions. Accountability is the total key for me and this community and the accountability system has been very foundational in my success.

In my first 12 weeks, I lost 43 lbs of fat and my BF% went from 34% to 23%. I am very pleased with these results and look forward to starting my second mission soon.

I love being a part of this community and helping others achieve their goals, building friendships, and watching people make amazing changes in their lives! These are real people working together to reclaim their health and build new lives. I’m very happy to have found this place, and am grateful to Adam Waters and his dedication to his own health, the RTP System he has built, and the community he has helped bring together.

Thanks to Adam, my Shredder teammates and friends, and this system, I have a new, healthier lifestyle and am in the best shape of my life. And this is just the beginning!

Eric Dalkenberg, USA

Michelle Kirton

Michelle Kirton: 84
Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
21 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
9.1% of Bodyfat Lost

“Adam Has Created A Safe Place For All Of Us… “

On April 24, 2009 I received my Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle newsletter from Tom Venuto, with the title ““Fat blogger” or “Shredder” – you decide”. I was intrigued.

Reading on subsequently lead me to Tom’s Burn the Fat Blog, where I was introduced to Adam Waters and the story of a man who sounded very much like me. Adam was an average guy who transformed himself after countless failed attempts and has found the missing link to maintaining and surpassing his initial progress. I was inspired and quickly purchased the Real-Time Physique (RTP) Transformation System.

I’ve purchased countless fat loss programs with great intentions of transforming my body, but would either start and fail within a matter of weeks, or be so completely overwhelmed by the idea
of the process that I’d quit before I even got started.

RTP was different. The early modules really helped me get to the root of WHY I wanted to change my body and provided powerful tools that would help me motivate myself through my Mission 1 journey. Throughout the remainder he taught me how to manage my nutrition and training, taking away the idea of it “just” being for 84-days but showing me that it could become a lifestyle choice
if that’s what I wanted.

When it came to the training, everything was laid out for me, but not written in stone, allowing flexibility to meet my lifestyle and physical needs. With these detailed blueprints I was set and
ready to rip my Mission, and body, to SHREDS!

Adam has created a “safe place” for all of us that aren’t happy with our bodies yet are inspired to change instead of wallowing in feelings of hopelessness, self-pity and hate, all words that accurately describe how I looked at myself only weeks ago. This community provided a forum filled with lots
of great information, direct access to experts who addressed any questions along the way, and enabled us to come together, supporting one another through the ups and downs of the program and life in general.

A special thanks to Tom Venuto for introducing me to Adam and RTP, to Carlos DeJesus for providing such great motivation and lessons throughout the Sphere, and to Adam for not only making this possible but for walking the talk, leading by example and being there to help each and every one of us through our respective Missions.

I also cannot forget to thank all of the Shredders who’ve supported and encouraged me with their words of support and much needed kicks in the pants when needed, and for the motivation
I received by having the opportunity to share in their journeys.

When you’re ready, you can find me and my fellow Shredders in the Sphere, ready to welcome and support you through your own personal transformation…

Michelle Kirton,

Ontario, Canada

Dennis Harne

Dennis Harne: 84 Day Statistics on RTP

Fat Weight Lost
17 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
7% of Bodyfat Lost

“I’m In The Best Shape I Have Been In For 30 Years!”

I lost a lot of weight on my own by doing the 3 things exercise, cardio, and nutrition before finding RTP TS system was kind of happy at my lose but knew that I need some help. Then I found by accident the Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle E-Book by Tom Venuto on the Internet, read it from cover to cover and was just starting to get organized on my plan of attack when I got an e-mail from Tom about this world wide Real Time Physique Transformation contest.

It was the RTP TS System by Adam Waters so I read the overview and seemed to fit what I was looking for. So I went ahead and downloaded the system, boy was I surprised at what I received, everything was laid out for me. Read it, laid out my plan set a date to start, and got to it.

I thought that I could it by myself boy was I wrong, that what the ShredderSphere was all about support, accountability, training programs and information. Adam and all the other Shredders were there to help. It helped me get in the best shape I been in 30 some years. Got rid of a lot of body fat and added lean body muscle.

Now at the age of 54 I have a healthier and more fit life, was able to set my personal best on weightlifting, and able to do 100 miles Bike rides on weekends. It feels great to be able to be active! I even got my wife to join, she was a very big help to me also, plus she was able to also able to lose body fat and add muscle mass . The RTP has it all, helps you lose fat, gain muscle, learn proper nutrition, accountability, plus motivation and support. Just wish that I would have found it sooner.

7 lbs and 7% body fat are gone! Looking forward to doing RTP Muscle for my Mission 2 and RTP Turbo for Mission 3.

Thanks Adam

Dennis A. Harne

Maryland, USA

Jennifer Ackerman

Jennifer A: 84
Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
19.3 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
10% of Bodyfat Lost

“I Have So Much Happiness And Energy Within…”

By some twist of fate, I got the email from Tom about RTP during  April. I had seen the 60 second transformation Adam posted online about a year before, and remember thinking- “wow”.

It was the contest though, that little competitive/goal I needed that got me up off my keester though. At the time, I didn’t know if I would do the competition, but I saw the program was
“money back guarantee”, so I thought, what do I have to lose?

Something happened though, a goal was placed, a reason to push, something magic was turned on in my head, and I was reading as much of the modules as I could so I could start quicker! “May-Day”, as I like to call it (May 1, 2009), was my start date. I liked having the structure, the itinerary, the daily goal to complete.

The Sphere was completely new to me. To this point throughout my life, I have been a loner. Don’t ask for help- do it yourself; don’t depend on anyone but yourself, etc. I always worked out alone, shopped alone, heck, I even would go out to eat alone if I felt like a certain meal. The immediate support that I started receiving on the Sphere was overwhelming. Someone always turned a self-deprecating comment I would make about myself, into a positive thing, or an encouragement.

This was a daily reminder and inspiration for me. I could SEE the difference, the progress, the hard work. It encouraged me to do more, to push myself and to succeed. My moods and energy levels have also changed significantly. I am always (99.9% of the time) on a crazy happy-high…so much energy, so much happiness within.

I am proud of myself, not ashamed. I enjoy the accolades that people are continuously giving me now. It’s a testament to my hard work, and I eat it up!

Jennifer Ackerman,

Texas, USA

Chuck Billinsly

Chuck Billingsly: 84 Day Statistics on RTP

Fat Weight Lost
32.2 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
9% of Bodyfat Lost
Muscle Gain
9.1 Pounds of Muscle Gained

“I Am Now Now More Positive and More Self-Confident”

No More Excuses!

I can’t say how many times I have started a fitness contest only to fizzle out, even after positive results. Not this time. With everything supplied by RTP I knew I could start AND finish and here I am.

When I first was introduced to RTP Transformation System I knew I had found something different. Created by someone whom I can relate to in their past fitness frustrations. A system comprised of all the ingredients that seemed to be missing in my past efforts.

During my first mission I sometimes felt life was throwing every roadblock it could find at me. I was hit with everything from sickness and past injuries to the death of my grandfather, but quitting was never an option. The RTP Transformation System prepared me in my thoughts, my beliefs and my attitudes.

The RTP System Modules motivated and taught me, the accountability system kept me on track and the wonderful ShredderSphere was there to give support and positive pressure. I am so grateful to my shredder friends for all the support and encouragement. For me, that was one of the most important RTP Transformation success ingredients.

I am more now positive, more self-confident and less likely to step back to try to blend in with the scenery. I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I am happy with who I am and how I look and that cannot be taken away.

The RTP Transformation System has taught me by experience; if you want a positive powerful transformation you do it from the inside out. The proof is in the pictures.

Thank you Adam Waters, thank you Tom Venuto and thank you Carlos DeJesus for sharing your knowledge and your vision. Thank you ShredderSphere friends for your support and encouragement. I have completed my mission and am ready for the next.

Shred on my friends,

Chuck Billingsley, USA

Kym McGuire

Kim McGuire: 84 Day
Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
9.21 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
6.84% of Bodyfat Lost
Muscle Gain
1.81 Pounds of Muscle Gained

“Thank You So Much Adam, You Turned My Life Around “

It’s hard to believe that just a few short months ago I was spiraling downward into a big black hole of depression! My 40th birthday was quickly approaching and I was very unhappy with myself.

My unhappiness lead to a lot of negative self talk, which lead to binge eating, laziness, irritability and moodiness. I learned of RTP through Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Group on Facebook where he was announcing a contest. As soon as I read about RTP, I knew I had to  purchase it! My biggest goal pre-RTP was to change myself on the outside. I had NO idea that by clicking on Purchase Now I was going to change so much on the inside!

Reading those first chapters of Adam’s eBook really dredged up a lot of repressed thoughts and feelings. It forced me to face them head on, forgive them and NEVER LOOK BACK! When I completed
the eBook, it wasn’t about a contest anymore; it was for me to truly change from the inside out.

Adam has taken a complete approach to his program. He transforms your mindset, has you set goals and figure out what is going to motivate you to help get you through the next 84 days. In addition, he has taken all the guess work out of the nutrition and training! He spells it all out for you and you JUST DO IT! To keep you accountable.

Adam has created Shreddersphere, a private community of like minded people who are there to transform their minds and bodies. It is a place to post your blogs and daily pictures. I have never blogged in my life, but it is freeing experience. Posting pictures everyday next to my Day 1 picture really helped me to keep my motivation up.

Even if the scale wasn’t moving, I could tell small differences in my pictures everyday! The support you receive on the sphere is just incredible. Each Shredder’s blog has touched my life in a different way. Each day I take away something that makes my life richer!

This community and the people in it are beyond words. It is full of wonderful, incredibly smart and
funny people who I can call friends! There is a plethora of knowledge, wisdom, support,  encouragement and motivation in the sphere! All of the support kept me going and I know without a doubt I couldn’t have followed through with success without it!

By the time I turned 40, I wanted to feel wonderful and be in the best shape of my life! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I am in the best shape of my life and I know exactly why! I took it day by day, hour by hour and did the daily actions that produces results!

THANK YOU SO MUCH ADAM! You have turned my life around! All of your hard work and trial and error over the years has provided me with the ALL the tools I needed to transform my MIND AND BODY! You have taken all the guess work out of it! 84 days has come and gone, but I am still going strong inside the sphere. It has become a part of my life now.

Kim McGuire

Frisco, Texas

Earl Bloom

Earl Bloom: 84 Day Statistics on RTP

Fat Weight Lost
24.7 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
10% of Bodyfat Lost
Muscle Gain
2.7 Pounds of Muscle Gained

“I Simply Had No Excuse Not To Succeed!”

This first Mission challenged me both Physically and Emotionally. While I initially thought I would be able to focus all of my efforts on the nutrition and exercise, it turned out that my mindset was the most important change for me… and starting Day 30, it all started to click…

It was like the cloud in my eyes (and mind!) cleared and everything started to make a whole lot of sense. The progress, while slow at first, started to accelerate, which further increased my confidence in the RTP System. All of a sudden, Daily Compliance was no longer feared, but instead, I looked forward to following the direction provided in each Module to the letter.

Coupled with the support and accountability provided within the Shreddersphere, the pieces of my life puzzle started to fit together, one piece at a time… each and every day. Who would have imagined the power of hundreds of fellow Shredders (aka Shriends) all around the world cheering you on and supporting you every step of the way! And with the tools available to track my progress and keep me accountable, I simply had no excuse but to succeed!!!

And so I did… *BEYOND EVEN MY “OVER-ACHIEVER” EXPECTATIONS!! *All I can say is thanks for providing me with the opportunity to take my life in a far better (and healthier) direction! I look forward to remaining a pillar of this fine community in hopes of influencing and encouraging others towards this euphoric/ “beyond” the zone feeling I now enjoy!

Many of my inner changes revolved around my entrenched mindset, was it too late to change? No. I learned that I was still a warrior at heart, and that RTP could provide an excellent set of buttons, but that I had to push them. Now go and push your own!

Earl Bloom,

Michigan, USA

What do I get when I purchase the RTP System?

RTP System: The RTP Transformation System contains 7 Core Modules, an 84-Day training plan, a self-customized nutrition plan, and real time accountability logs.

ShredderSphere: You will also receive one month free access to ShredderSphere 2.0 – A real time accountability and support community which includes a “plug n play” blogging system and interactive discussion forums, a Multimedia “Nerve Center” with over 150 videos, and a 750-Strong Exercise Image & Video Database that can all be accessed in a matter of minutes so you can get started on your body transformation immediately.

The RTP System Is a 90 Day Real Time Course

Here is exactly what you can expect from RTP and how this result-producing body transformation system is delivered to you.

What You Will Receive:

RTP Transformation System: 90 Day Overview

Day 1: Module 1Realize: Mindset (3-Step Action Plan)

Day 2: Module 2Internalize: Motivation (3-Step Action Plan)

Day 3: Module 3Strategize: Goal-Setting (1-Step Action Plan)

Day 4: Module 4Pressurize: Accountability (1-Step Action Plan)

Day 5: Module 5Energize: Nutrition (2-Step Action Plan)

Day 6: Module 6Exercise: Training (Workout Plan Overview)

Day 7 to 90: Module 7Actualize: 84 Day Training & Nutrition Plan

ShredderSphere Access: Real Time Accountability and Support

When You Will Receive It:

You will get all 7 Modules digitally delivered to you immediately after your purchase. The Action Steps in these Modules are designed to be completed over the first 7 days (i.e. One Module per day).

Why The Course Is Structured This Way:

I have structured the course this way in order to prevent the usual “information overload” people experience when they download a new fitness product and are immediately faced with anywhere from 10 to 20 different “books” and “bonuses” from the get-go.

Thus, instead of feeling a sense of “overwhelm” you can focus your energy and attention with laser-like precision on one Module at a time. The first 6 Modules cover the all-important components of mindset, motivation, goal-setting, accountability, nutrition and training.

The Action Steps contained in these Modules are specifically designed to prepare your mind, body and spirit for what is coming next…84 days of focused action!

Community: ShredderSphere 2.0 Free Access

Included in your purchase is free access to the ShredderSphere 2.0 online accountability and  upport community so you can immediately connect with like-minded people who share your  desire for a full-blooded physique transformation. You will gain immediate access to ShredderSphere 2.0 from the “Download Page” after your purchase.

Activation: Hitting The “Go Button”

You will also gain immediate access to Module 7, the official 84-Day RTP Training Program Workout Logs and Real Time Accountability Log Sheets in multiple formats (PDF for priming and Excel format for electronic input).

Bottom Line…The RTP System has only ONE objective:

Get you to take the single daily actions that produce results.

Each Module contains specific Action Steps that require only one commitment from you – follow the simple directions.

You’ll never get lost, or wonder what you should be doing next. The entire 90-Day plan is all laid out logically and intuitively for you to MAXIMIZE action and eliminate wasted effort.

Glowing Testimonials From Two World Class Fitness Professionals

In addition to the rave reviews the RTP Transformation System has received from “real people”, this cutting-edge body transformation program has also received glowing testimonials from two world-renowned fitness industry leaders, Amazon No.1 best-selling author, Tom Venuto, and 1985 World Champion Natural Bodybuilder, Carlos DeJesus.

“I Predict This Movement Will Spread Across The World”

“The RTP Transformation System is not like reading traditional hardcover book or an even an ebook. It is not like any 12 week transformation contest you’ve entered. It’s not like any coaching or training program you’ve ever tried. It’s not just a forum or community.

The RTP Transformation System is all of these things and also much, much more. Unlike a dry book about the science of nutrition or exercise physiology, Adam gets personal. He understands the emotional struggles that most people go through when making a full-blooded physique transformation.

He understands that explaining how to get in shape on paper is one thing, but as a famous general once said, “no battle plan ever survives first contact with the enemy.”

Birthed from the trials and tribulations of his own experience, Adam shares what really happens once the rubber hits the road.

You’ll learn about the challenges that steer you off course, the obstacles that can block your path, the emotional ups and downs you may feel and more importantly, how to keep driving onward right through – or around – them all.

If it worked for Adam, it can work for you, because he’s been in your shoes. The best part is, by sharing your goals and progress along the journey, you could inspire others in the same way that Adam has inspired you to start this program.

I predict that The RTP Transformation System is not only going to change your life, this movement is going to spread all across the world because web 2.0 video, blogs and online communities are then future of the Internet.”

Tom Venuto
Tom Venuto

Tom Venuto, CSCS, NSCA-CPT,
Author: Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle,
Author: The Body Fat Solution,
CEO: Burn The Fat Inner Circle

“I Whole Heartedly Endorse The RTP System”

“In regards to Adam Waters’ RTP Transformation System, let me tell you what you are going to get. First of all you are going to meet someone a lot like yourself, someone who has had his share of struggles, fears, and failures.

But he didn’t stop there nor did he ultimately accept failure. In time he broke through, and he tells you how he did it and then he shows you what it did for him!

He addresses the main causes of Physique Transformation failure and then systematically shows you how to overcome each one of them. He speaks to you respectfully as a friend, and as you read his story you can’t help but connect with him as he becomes transparent about his struggles.

He spent 6 years in the “wilderness” of the uncertainty of schemes, courses, methods and formulas so that you won’t have to. He emerges from his journey on the dark side with a full-blooded Physique Transformation, experienced and wiser. He now shares that wisdom with you. The money you will save on those “magic pill” supplements will easily pay for this system.

One more thing, The RTP TS is not a book. A book has a beginning and an end. Adams RTP TS doesn’t end!

I personally know there’s a ShredderSphere awaiting those who want to get connected and stay connected to a community of like minded “Shredders” who have a common goal of encouraging and motivating each other, while providing a means of accountability and “positive pressure” so that they can all continue on their journeys.

Because of these things and my personal relationship with Adam I whole heartedly endorse his RTP TS. Don’t think about it any more, get your hands on this system and put it to work for you now.”

Carlos DeJesus

Carlos DeJesus, Ph.D.,
1985 Natural World Bodybuilding Champion,
Quad Blaster Inventor & Bodybuilding Pioneer

I’m Now Going To Reveal To You The One “Secret” That Makes RTP A Superior Body Transformation System

Maybe you recognize this quote:

Albert Einstein

“The Law Of Compounding is the most powerful force in the universe.”


Here’s The Kicker…

“The Core Modules of the RTP Transformation System are based on the Law Of Compounding.”

This timeless principle means that every time you complete the Action Steps in an RTP Module…

…and deploy the following Module…

The Results of the 2 are MULTIPLED together, compounding your efforts.

You’ll notice how each one of the Modules in the RTP Transformation System complements the next…

First you focus on mindset, second you uncover your core motivation, third you plan your Mission, fourth you apply “positive pressure”, fifth you design your meal plan, sixth you learn the training plan…

…and then you unleash your “real time” mindset, your unstoppable motivation and your new found knowledge-base into one action-focused 84-Day period that will re-shape your mind, your body and your life forever.

“RTP and the Power Of Compounding will Transform Your Body and it will Transform Your Life.”

Ok, by now I am sure you are just itching to discover what’s inside each Module! Well…

Here’s Exactly What You Are Going To Get

Module 1: Realize

Mindset Secrets: Day 1 of 90

Module 1: RTP Transformation System

It’s all in your head. Failure to address core psychological issues that have held you back in the past will short-circuit your body transformation attempt before it even gets off the ground. Module 1 will show you how to erase “guilt baggage” from your past and re-program your mind to expect success.

Module 1 Will Show You:

  • How a simple twist on one of most commonly used phrases in the English language can transform your life in an instant.
  • Why the “world’s best” training and nutrition plan designed by a guy with 10 letters after his name will not make any difference for someone who does not get their “head right” first.
  • How to harness the infinite power of your subconscious mind to assist (rather than sabotage) your physique transformation quest (this true story will blow your mind!)
  • Why a chance 1-minute conversation with a loved one was one of the most painful experiences of my life, and how it was also the moment that finally moved me to massive action.
  • Why an unprovoked full-scale home invasion perpetrated on me in the year 1999 turned out to be one of the most liberating experiences of my life, and how you can immediately apply this universal principle to your body transformation.
  • The little-known “Truth Paradox”, what it is and how you can harness it’s power to cleanse your mind of fear, anxiety, anger and guilt.
  • Day 1 – Action Plan: A unique 3-Step Action Plan you can use immediately to free yourself from your past, take stock of your present and regain control of your future.

On Day 2 we are going to compound your newly focused mindset with emotionally intense PRW’s that will empower you to destroy your limiting beliefs, overcome setbacks and create unstoppable momentum during the first 28 days of your body transformation quest.

Module 2: Internalize

Motivational Tactics: Day 2 of 90

Module 2: RTP Transformation System

In early 2000 I placed in the top 3% of the Body For Life 12-Week Transformation Challenge. This was in spite of having no prior experience with “serious” weight training, zero understanding of “optimum nutrition”, no personal trainer, no training partner and no accountability partner.

Even more surprising was the fact that I successfully completed this 12-Week Mission in 10 different gyms, 7 different cities and 3 different countries, while working out at 3:00 AM in the morning (due to shift work), and being bed-ridden with tonsillitis in weeks 2 and 3.

This Module details the real reason I achieved these results against “long odds”, and explains exactly why training and nutrition plans areNOT the most important factor for physique transformation success.

Module 2 Will Show You:

  • What every single one of my successful Missions had in common AND why this X-Factor is the most important factor for overcoming setbacks and challenges.
  • How a potentially life-threatening illness triggered me into massive action, and the critical take-home lesson that you can
    apply immediately for your own transformation (It’s not what you think!).
  • How a humiliating experience in front of 30 Japanese people motivated me to turn my life around, and the critical reason why this still wasn’t enough for me to “break through.”
  • What an emotionally intense PRW is, and why it could be the “missing link” to help you finally achieve the body of your dreams.
  • The two primary emotions that dictate all human behavior, and how you can use this to your advantage.
  • The real secret to altering your core beliefs, and why the most commonly used method (preached by almost every “motivational guru”) hardly ever works.
  • How to blast through “built-in inertia“, create unstoppable momentum in the first 28 days and spark a self-fulfilling prophecy of physique transformation success.
  • Day 2 – Action Plan: The RTP PRW 3-Step Action Plan will pierce the veil of your “surface-level” desires (e.g. “I wanna lose weight”) and empower you to discover your true motivations and desires (This is unlike anything you have seen before).

After striking at the heart of your emotional nerve center and formulating your emotionally intense PRW’s we are going to take your newly focused mindset and unstoppable motivation, and compound this on Day 3 with the most powerful body transformation goal-setting formula ever devised.

Module 3: Strategize

Mission Control: Day 3 of 90

Module 4: RTP Transformation System

This Module reveals my proprietary goal-setting formula that will fuse your truth, emotion, vision and goals into one powerful “Mission Statement” that will propel you with overwhelming force for the duration of your Mission.

Module 3 Will Show You:

  • What Nelson Mandela, Neil Armstrong and Mother Theresa all had in common, and exactly how you can integrate this timeless goal-setting principle into your own Mission.
  • How the “Mission-based” approach to goal achievement will empower you to continually “raise the bar” and set new and exciting physique goals well into the future.
  • Why this advanced form of goal-setting eliminates the dreaded “weight relapse” that plagues 95% of conventional dieters.
  • How to unlock the full power of your subconscious mind to assist you in your quest via two little known mental projection techniques.
  • How to turbo-charge your Mission with “event-based” Mission planning that makes physique transformation fun!
  • Why “periodization” and “peaking” is critical to your success, and how to set goals that incorporate these components into the core of your Mission.
  • Day 3 – Action Plan: You will construct your very own physique transformation Mission with “fill-in-the-blank” Mission Blueprints – modeled on my five successful physique transformations over the last two years.

Ok, throughout the first three Modules you have realized that you are the master of your own destiny, you have internalized your emotionally intense PRW’s, and you have strategized your own purpose-built physique transformation Mission.

Put simply, you have “lit the fire” for a successful physique transformation!

Module 4 takes your “fire” and turns it into a raging inferno via a massive injection of “positive pressure” that will compel you to follow through and get the job done.

Module 4: Pressurize

RTP Accountability System: Day 4 of 90

Module 4: RTP Transformation System

Since November 8, 2006 I have successfully completed five full-blooded physique transformations using a unique accountability system that has systematically injected massive doses of “positive pressure” into each Mission.

This revolutionary approach to accountability has produced extremely high levels of compliance and follow through to my training and nutrition plans. This accountability system was a key driver in my ability to crash through the “fat loss barricade” forever on “Mission 1” and achieve tangible results on subsequent Missions like “clockwork.”

In fact, the accountability system via which I applied “positive pressure” to each physique transformation Mission is the cornerstone of the entire RTP Transformation System.

While the implementation of my accountability system has been publicly viewable on RTP Blog since Day 1 this is the first time I have ever explained the methodology behind this powerful system and the step-by-step formula for successful implementation.

Module 4 Will Show You:

  • The “mysterious force” that will drive you to hit your personal bests in the gym and stay compliant to your pre-determined nutrition plan.

  • The 2 “Mission Critical” real time impact points that will ultimately determine your level of success.
  • How to harness the power “Internal Accountability” via a “Personal Contract” that signifies your intention to follow through with the single daily actions that produce results.

  • How to systematically inject a massive dose of “positive pressure” via the 3 tenets of “RTP External Accountability.”
  • A step-by-step blueprint on how to “go live” with your physique transformation Mission.
  • How to neutralize “energy vampires” in your “offline world” and harness their “energy” to fuel your physique transformation quest.
  • Day 4 – Action Plan: You will create your account in the “ShredderSphere 2.0” online accountability community so you can immediately start building a fortress of support, positivity, and connect with like-minded people in real time.

On Day 5 you will compound your new-found mindset, unstoppable motivation, personal Mission statement and the “positive pressure” you have created by constructing your own results-based custom meal plan.

This lean eating program is a common-sense approach to nutrition design that will help you maximize fat loss and retain (or increase) muscle while revving up your metabolism, stabilizing blood sugar levels and increasing the strength of your immune system.

Module 5: Energize

RTP Nutrition System: Day 5 of 90

Module 5: RTP Transformation System

With Editorial Oversight by Tom Venuto, author of Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

Tom Venuto, Burn The Fat

The RTP Nutrition Program is built on the rapid fat loss and muscle retention strategies that I have researched, distilled, condensed and codified over 6 years of trial and error, and two full years of success.

RTP Nutrition Has Been Real-World Tested

That’s right! I have personally implemented the governing principles under-pinning the RTP Nutrition Program in every single of one my RTP Missions, including direct and documented implementation of the RTP Nutrition Program over Mission 5 (as documented in real time on RTP Blog) when I hit the best shape of my life.

The exact calorie formulations, strategies and tactics presented in this System have been proven to work for myself and the 130 RTP Success Stories. The RTP Nutrition Program does not  demonize entire food groups or make you “starve” yourself.

On RTP You Can Have Your Cake…And Eat It Too!

Furthermore, you don’t have to eliminate your favorite foods from your diet. That’s right! There are pre-scheduled “reward meals” built into the RTP Nutrition Plan so you can have your cake (or pizza, or nachos, or ice cream, or chocolate, or whatever takes your fancy)…and eat it too!

The RTP Nutrition Program is Endorsed By Tom Venuto

The RTP Nutrition Program is endorsed by Tom Venuto, CSCS, NSCA-CPT. That’s right, the world’s foremost authority on fat burning nutrition has used his 20 years experience in designing cutting-edge fat loss programs to provide editorial oversight of this Module. With Tom’s expert oversight, you can be certain that the nutritional information, guidelines, templates, tools and Action Steps presented in this manual are results-based and “bulletproof.”

In fact, the nutrition formulas and Action Steps articulated in this Module are a distillation and codification of the nutritional guidelines, principles and strategies presented in Tom’s Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle the No.1 selling Diet and Fitness eBook of all time.

Module 5 Will Show You:

  • 1) What To Eat: A selection list of high quality “fat burning” foods that are  ubdivided into the following categories: lean protein, starchy carbs, fibrous carbs, simple carbs (fruit), dairy products and  fats.

  • 2) How Much To Eat: A step-by-step action plan for calculating your ideal caloric intake based on your personal energy requirements.

  • 3) How Often To Eat: This section will show you how to systematically integrate the 3 “metabolic factors” for rapid body transformation success into your  nutrition plan.
  • 4) How To Put It All Together: A step-by-step “walk through” on how to build your own “Nutrition template” which fuses your caloric requirements, food choices and metabolic factors into one comprehensive daily meal plan (This section also includes real world examples of exactly how I calculate my nutrition plan).

  • 5) The Secret To Nutrition Success: This section will show you how to incorporate the high level of nutritional discipline required to make a full-blooded physique transformation, while also giving yourself enough “wiggle room” to enjoy our favorite foods 100% guilt-free (this is unlike anything you have ever seen before)

Tools Included:

  • RTP Recommended Foods List : A time saving tool for selecting fat burning foods.
  • RTP Nutrition Calculator:An online tool that saves you literally hours of “grunt work.”
  • RTP Nutrition Templates:Meal planning made simple.
  • RTP Nutrition Program:Your 84-day nutrition roadmap.
  • RTP “Reward Meal”Guidelines : A new way of approaching “free meals” and compliance.

Exercise is where the “rubber meets the road.” All the mindset, motivational, goal-setting, accountability and nutrition strategies detailed in the first 5 modules are purely designed to get you to do one thing…take massive and immediate action on the physical realm!

On Day 6, you will compound the first 5 Modules by learning how you can achieve “head-turning” results on the RTP Training Program.

Module 6: Exercise

RTP Training Program: Day 6 of 90

Module 61: RTP Transformation System

With Editorial Oversight by Carlos DeJesus, 1985 World Champion Natural Bodybuilder

Carlos DeJesus, PhD

The RTP Training Program has been designed from the ground up with two specific objectives in mind:

Objective 1): Empower you to make a full-blooded physique transformation in 84 days.

Objective 2): Teach you the core principles of successful training so you can harness your “transformation momentum” and make your positive lifestyle changes permanent.

The RTP Training Program is endorsed by 1985 World Champion Natural Bodybuilder, Carlos DeJesus. Carlos has used his 44 years experience in natural bodybuilding to provide editorial oversight of this Module to ensure that the training information, theories, principles and workout routines I have presented in this manual are results-based, effective and safe.

I Have Personally “Road Tested” the RTP Training Program

Adam Waters Mission 5
Adam Waters, Mission 5

The RTP 84-Day training program is the exact training system I personally deployed over Mission 5: South Beach To Surfers.

That’s right, Unlike the vast majority of fitness gurus out there in cyberspace I successfully “road tested” the principles, strategies and tactics that underpin my training program in the “real world” first.

Furthermore, as documented on this page, 130 RTP Success Stories also employed this exact training program to burn fat and build muscle over their respective 84-Day “Missions.”

As you can see from the testimonials on this page, these RTP Success Stories uniformly attribute their physical success (achieving a decrease in body fat and an increase in lean muscle mass) to the 84-Day RTP Training Program coupled with result-producing RTP Nutrition System.

Module 6 Will Show You:

  • The critical distinction between “weight loss” and “fat loss” and why a structured weight training program is absolutely essential for rapid fire body transformation.

  • A real life case study from my “secret vault” that graphically illustrates the importance of effective weight training and proper nutrition (only a handful of people have ever seen this shocking “before and after”)

  • Exactly how I have lost fat AND gained muscle over each of my 5 Missions, and how you can too by employing this simple technique.

  • The core training principle that every “amazing” before and after transformation has in common (the RTP Training Program is built on this very principle).

  • The real reason why “similar” people get vastly different results when following the same program. This section will also provide you with two “never before seen” mental projection tools that I personally use to harness this X-Factor.

Tools Included For Each 4-Week Training Phase:

  • Theory and Principles:What each training phase is and why it works.
  • Training Parameters:Duration, frequency, objective, format and rate of progression.
  • Workout Log Example/Instructions:Analysis of my actual training logs with instructions.
  • Step-by-Step “Walk Through“: How each routine works.
  • Training Notes:Additional tips on how to implement each routine.

Ok, over the first 6 days you have got your “head right”, discovered your powerful reason why, planned your Mission, connected with like-minded people in ShredderSphere 2.0, created your customized nutrition plan and learned the RTP Training Program!

By now, you are now itching to”pull the trigger” start creating the body of your dreams over one action-focused 84-Day Period!

Module 7: Actualize

“Hitting The GO Button”: Day 7 to 90

Module 7: RTP Transformation System

On Day 7, it’s your turn to hit the “GO Button” and enter real time mode for the next 84 days and make a full-blooded physique transformation!

The RTP Workout Logs and Real Time Accountability Logs are specifically designed to enable you to track your progress and “accountability compliance” in real time, while also enabling you to record key data on your nutrition and training plans.

Module 7 Gives You:

  • 84-Day RTP Workout Log:

Absolutely nothing has been left to guesswork. Every single workout day for the 84 days (including weight training, abdominal training and cardio training) is planned for you. N.B. This real time tracking system is what I personally used with great success over “Mission 5” when I followed the RTP Training Program.

  • 84 Day Real Time Accountability Logs:

The only way you will achieve your dream body is by completing the single daily actions that produce results. The RTP Real Time Accountability Log Book enables you to track your “compliance” with laser-like precision,and plan your following day’s schedule with confidence.

  • RTP Exercise Substitution List

As many people train from home using only “free weights”, while other people have limited access to “free weight” areas and “machine exercises” inside busy gyms I have included an Exercise Substitution List that will enable you to intelligently interchange exercises when you are in a “pinch.”

  • RTP Glossary Of Terms All terminology pertaining to nutrition and training is explained in “plain English” in the RTP Glossary of Terms.

84 Day Workout Logs

Instant Downloads in Adobe PDF® for paper printing and Microsoft Excel® Format for electronic input.

84 Day Real Time Logs

Instant Downloads in Adobe PDF® for paper printing and Microsoft Excel® Format for electronic input.

Ok, now that you are armed with this 7 Step System you have all the mindset, motivational, goal-setting, accountability, nutrition and training tools that will literally guarantee you success on your body transformation quest.

Now, if the RTP Transformation System finished here you would be getting a great deal, but…

I’m Not Done Yet, Not By A Long Shot!

As I mentioned in the opening passage of this letter, during the last two years my weight loss story has been broadcast to 25,000,000 people on two national TV networks, printed in major fitness magazines with a combined readership of 5,000,000, and seen by more than 16,000,000 people on YouTube.

As a result of this exposure more than 1,200,000 people have visited my blog during this time frame, and many of these people have been inspired to start their own real time physique transformation blogs and duplicate the success I have had in applying “positive pressure” via daily accountability blogging.

It All Started On October 21, 2007…

On this day I signed off on this day with the following:

Let’s Do A “Group Shred”!

Ok, now the “fun stuff” is over I’m gonna knuckle down and shred as hard as I can for the next 18 days so I can cap off this year on a high note. Mission 3 aint over yet! This will be my primary focus for the next 18 days. Are you gonna join me in “real-time” for the next 18 days? Let’s do a “group shred” and hold each accountable by  starting/completing our pre-determined missions!

Until tomorrow…

Adam Waters

The response to this post was in the comments section was off the Richter scale! So much so, that I decided to take it to the next level and start an “official” 14-Day “RTP Group Shred Group Shred Challenge” in the lead-up to my “Day 365” (November 8, 2007).

The objective of this 14-Day RTP Group Shred was simple, invite my visitors to join me in “real time” to harness the power of “positive pressure” via daily accountability and help them kick-start their very own body transformation challenge. Truthfully speaking, I was unsure what to expect when I put the Group Shred “call out” in the video I broadcast on October 24, 2007 (Day 350 of RTP Blog).

Would people really be interested in a real time Group Shred?

Only time would tell…

Day 350: The 14-Day “Group Shred” Call Out

The First “RTP Group Shred” Goes Live!

Well, the response to this video was nothing short of amazing. With only 3 days notice 20 people (a.k.a. Shredders) from 5 different countries joined me in “real time” for 14 days as we practiced “daily accountability” together!

Here’s the cool part…14 of the 20 people followed through on their “Shredder Accountability Agreement” by eating clean, training hard, taking pictures daily and documenting their progress on their blogs for 14 straight days!

However, even more amazing than the high follow through rate was the amazing ‘real time” support community that was created in the process.

Complete strangers from England, Japan, USA, Spain and Australia came together in unison and gave tremendous support to one and other for the entire 14 day period.

In fact, many of the friendships that were forged in those 14 days still exist today, stronger than ever. It really was an amazing experience!

Check out the RTP Group Shred Day 14 video (Day 365 of RTP Blog) to see for yourself how magical these 14 days were.

Day 365: “RTP Group Shred” Day 14

This Was Only The Beginning!

Once the 14 days were completed we as a group decided to raise the stakes and continue for 10 more weeks!

Over the next 70 days the original “Shredders” sent in their weekly accountability pictures in order to maintain the “positive pressure.” At the end of the 12 weeks, 10 of the original 16 completed their “Mission”, once again an amazingly high follow through rate and a testament to the power of this unique accountability and support community.

 January 2008…The “ShredderSphere” Is Born!

Once the 12 weeks were completed many Shredders desired a return to daily accountability. In response to this overwhelming demand I created (with help of many people) an “official” real time support blogging community hosted at RTP Blog called the “ShredderSphere” (i.e. combination of “Shredder” and “Blogosphere”)

This free community was created with the intention of enabling more people to get involved and connect with the awesome group of ‘Shredders” already inside the ShredderSphere. Once again, the response was massive, “real people” from all four corners of the globe joined the ShredderSphere 1.0 in droves.

ShredderSphere 1.0

Since the birth of the “Shredder Community” we as a group have formed such strong bonds that we have organized more “real time” shredding events broadcasted live on the Internet, dinner get-togethers,  private helicopter tours, training sessions and meet-ups at locations in New York, New Jersey, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Miami, Orlando and Brisbane.

Below is one of our “Summits” which took place in New York in March 2008.

Debbie, Suzette, Joni, Lilla and Adam Waters meeting in New Jersey, 2 days before our “Group Shred” training session with Tom Venuto.

“How Can I Join In On The Action?” 

Over the last 2 years I have also been contacted by hundreds of people who have said they would love to start their own accountability blog inside the ShredderSphere but are held back by a lack of technical knowledge.

In addition, many Senior Shredders also expressed a desire to have a centralized online portal where we can easily set up and run our real time accountability blogs, Contests, Summits, challenges, along with a dedicated forum to facilitate focused discussion on “Mission Critical” topics.

December 2008…A New ShredderSphere Portal Gets Built!

In response to this massive demand for a centralized “Shredder Network” I bunkered down towards the end of 2008 with my fellow Shredder Mike Groom.

We went to work on creating a new online portal that would enable any person at any level of technical ability to hit the “Go Button” and implement Real Time Accountability immediately, and connect with like-minded positive people in the process…

…Introducing ShredderSphere 2.0!

130 ShredderSphere 2.0 Success Stories In The First 4 Months!

The response since the launch of the ShredderSphere.com Success Community on March 10, 2009 has been nothing short of amazing! Even though ShredderSphere 2.0 has only been open for a short time, over 1000 Members have already contributed more than 30,000 Posts inside the discussion forum, posted over 35,000 Blog Entries on their ShredderSphere 2.0 accountability blogs, and supported their fellow Shredders with more than 200,000 Blog Comments!

However, even more important than the sheer numbers of posts and blogs is the daily documentation of success that 130 people have already experienced by harnessing the power of the ShredderSphere to create “positive pressure” via real time  accountability in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Put simply, results are what count, and the ShredderSphere delivers results like clockwork!

ShredderSphere 2.0: Real People, Real Results, Real Time!

As you can see, the, ShredderSphere 2.0 really is a place where “real people” take massive action and achieve their body transformation goals. As many self-improvement experts have long noted, if you desire a total mind, body and life transformation you must make it a goal surround yourself with like-minded positive people who will hold you accountable in real time.

Furthermore, as you can see from our 130 Success Stories on the Shredder Hall of Fame thus far our Members actually get the job done! The ShredderSphere is also place where “real people” connect in “real life” and have fun in the process! Check out these pictures from our first annual “Shredder Summit” in New York City in August 2009, where over 50 members of our community flew in from 7 different countries to meet myself, Tom Venuto, Carlos DeJesus and each other in person!

New York City Shredder Summit 

Here is exactly what you will receive with your free access to the ShredderSphere…

ShredderSphere 2.0 Private Community

Member Privaleges and Feature Set

The ShredderSphere 2.0 is a private online forum and blog network for members only. In this secure area, you will be able to effortlessly connect with like-minded people in a protected environment and fee free to broadcast your goals, desires and intentions in a supportive atmosphere.

In short, this private community is the Real Time  implementation Portal of the RTP Transformation System. This is where you hit the “Go Button” and take massive and immediate action on your dream body!

ShredderSphere 2.0 Gives You:

  • Discussion Forums: The ShredderSphere 2.0 interactive discussion forums enable you to get timely answers to your questions regarding each Module in the RTP  ransformation System. Forum categories include: Mindset; Motivation; Goal-Setting; Accountability; Nutrition; Training, Lounge; Multimedia Center and much much more.

  • Q&A With RTP Faculty: This section enables you to get direct answers to your questions from physique transformation experts like Adam Waters, Carlos DeJesus, Tom Venuto and many other “RTP Transformers” who have already accomplished what you want to do.

  • Success Story Archive: “The Shredder Hall of Fame” featured on the home page of ShredderSphere.com currently displays 130 people’s real time success stories! Each “before and after” picture on the Hall of Fame links to that Member’s respective blog. This success story archive gives you a day-by-day account from over 130 successful “RTP Transformers” and provides you with an extremely valuable insight of what to expect on your own transformation journey.

  • Your Own Internal Blog: The ShredderSphere 2.0 “Plug’n’Play” blogging solution enables you to overcome any technical limitationsand avoid the steep learning curve of hosting your own “independent blog.” This fully functional blogging system (including a “real time” commenting feature) empowers you to instantly create the kind of “positive pressure” that will “compel” you to take massive and immediate action on your physique transformation Mission, as well as getting instant feedback from your Fellow Shredders!

  • Success Story Audio Interviews: On ShredderSphere.com you will gain access to Success Story interviews conducted by myself (Adam Waters), and in the process gain a valuable insight into “real world” mindset, motivation, goal-setting, training and nutrition strategies of “RTP Transformers.”

  • Multimedia”Nerve Center”: This forum contains exclusive video content from Adam Waters. Included in the 250 strong video archive are Step-by-Step tutorial videos, Weekly “Shredder Sunday” show, The “ShredCast”, Q&A videos, motivational videos, member videos, exclusive “never before seen” footage, along with my complete video archive which contains advanced tips on mindset, motivation, nutrition and training.

  • Accountability Partners: This is a place where you can increase the accountability factor and keep yourself “on-track” via a dedicated forum and one-to-one private messaging with an “Accountability Partner.”

  • Shredder Challenges: You can participate (or host) your very own Push-Up Challenge, Pull-Up Challenge, Abdominal Challenge or any other Challenge you like!

  • Shredder Teams: You can participate in the ultimate accountability and support device in the ShredderSphere, the wildly popular “Shredder Teams”! You can either join an existing team or start your own team!

  • Shredder Events: The Real Time Accountability Forum inside ShredderSphere 2.0 is the new “hub” for the wildly successful “RTP Group Shred” events, the annual RTP Transformation Contest and “Shredder Summits.”

  • Online Tools: You will also gain access to “Mission Critical” online tools to give you every possible advantage in making a full-blooded body transformation. Tools such as: Calorie Calculator; Food Portion Spreadsheets; Calorie Portion Spreadsheets and Exercise Image/Video Database.

  • Private Messaging: Your ShredderSphere account also comes with a private messaging feature which you can use to contact myself and any other of our members, along with a “Live Chat” facility for real time discussions.

But it gets even better…ShredderSphere 2.0 also contains one of the largest Exercise Video Databases on the entire Internet so you can perform each exercise listed in the RTP Training Program safely and effectively.

ShredderSphere 2.0 Exercise Database

Images, Videos and Descriptions For 750+ Exercises

When undertaking an exercise program it is extremely important to execute proper exercise form in order to maximize your training sessions and avoid injury. It’s also important to me that the RTP Training Program be as simple to implement as possible.

Once you download the 84-Day RTP Training Program you can feel secure in the knowledge that you’ll know how to perform every exercise listed in the “Official Program”, along with the “Exercise Substitution List.”

You can select any one of the exercises stated in the System, read a description on how it’s performed, study the “start” and “finish” pictures and watch the video to see how to do each exercise safely and effectively.

Below is just one of the 750+ Exercises in the ShredderSphere 2.0 Database. You’ll see that this “Chest” exercise is being demonstrated by a “real person”, not some tacky exercise “simulator.” You’ll also notice that each exercise pops-up from the fully indexed Database Main Page and contains a start and finish image, an instructional video (link in the top left corner) and a written description.

ShredderSphere 2.0 Exercise

Database Main Page: Indexed and Searchable

 ShredderSphere 2.0 Exercise Example: “Incline Barbell Bench Press”


Number Of Exercises in the ShredderSphere 2.0 Database

Abdominals (91)
Biceps (30)
Calves (10)
Chest (62)
Core (128)
Fitball (110)
Forearms (7)
Full Body (37)
Glutes (60)
Hamstrings (31)
Lower Back (29)
Mid-back (51)
Neck (5)
Thighs (110)
Shoulders (65)
Triceps (38)
With everything that the RTP Transformation System comes with you are probably wondering…

How Much Is This System Going to Cost?

When most people think of “cost” they usually define this in purely monetary terms. However, when measuring the true value of a product or service it is prudent to consider all three resources at your disposal: Time; Energy and Money.

Resource #1: Your Time

How much value do you place on your own time?

How many more years of trial, error and frustration are willing to endure before discovering what works?

How long are you going to wait to get the body of your dreams?

Furthermore, how much value would you assign to a Body Transformation System that has already produced 120 success stories in the first 4 months?

How much value would you assign to a product with a nutrition component that contains editorial oversight from the world’s best-selling Internet fitness author, Tom Venuto, who has 20 years experience designing cutting-edge fat loss programs and thousands of success stories worldwide.

Likewise, what kind of value would you assign to a product with an exercise component that contains editorial oversight by 1985 World Champion Natural Bodybuilder, Carlos DeJesus, who has 44 years experience bodybuilding experience?

Your Solution: The RTP Transformation System and ShredderSphere support community will dramatically shortcut your learning curve and potentially save you years of frustration, misery and poor results.

Resource #2: Your Energy

How much longer are you willing to commit your energy and focus to fitness programs that do not address the core mindset, motivation and emotional factors necessary for success on the physical realm?

Conversely, how much value would you assign to a private member’s community that can supercharge your energy levels, mental clarity, focus and empower you to live the life of your dreams?

Your Solution: As I documented extensively on my blog, a full-blooded physique transformation can radically transform your life in a very short period of time and “awaken the giant within.”

Resource #3: Your Money

How much are willing to pay to get the body of your dreams?

If you are like many people seeking to lose weight and transform their physique, money is no quite literally no object. Case in point…

Option 1: Plastic Surgery – As you probably know, there are many people who are willing to pay plastic surgeons up to $30,000 to go under the knife and get invasive surgery (many times with disastrous

Option 2: Personal Trainer – Another common approach is paying a personal trainer to do up a program for you. In most cases, hiring a quality personal trainer is a great investment, as they will give you a solid training program to follow, and perhaps even a meal plan if you are lucky.

However, quality personal trainers also come with “premium prices” and usually charge a at least $75 per session, and recommend you train with them a minimum of 3 days per week for optimal results.

This means you are looking at $2,580 for 12 weeks of personal training, without a guarantee that you will even get results unless this trainer addresses the core mindset and motivational factors that ultimately determine body transformation success.

Option 3: Supplements – There are also many people who spend up to $100 per month ($1,300 per year) on “cutting edge” physique enhancing supplements only to be frustrated when the results don’t come.

Here’s the Good News…The RTP Transformation System will not cost you the $30,000 you could pay for a plastic surgeon, the $2,580 you would pay for 12 weeks with a good personal trainer, or the $1,300 per year you could easily spend on worthless supplements.

In fact, you will save money as no supplements are recommended or “required” when following the RTP Nutrition Program.

So let’s cut to the chase! How much does this System cost?

Here’s The Deal!

When considering the pricing of this System I consulted with my mentors. They basically said the same thing…

“Adam, given that there is nothing else like this in the fitness world, along with the fact that this System contains 8 years of your knowledge and life experience packed into one 90 Day Course, and lifetime access to a real time support community you have to price it at a minimum of $100.”

Using this formula, that equates to $12.50 per year ($100/8 years), which would be great value in anyone’s language.

However, while I seriously considered charging $100 for this System, there is one specific reason why I ultimately decided to go with a lower price.

Why I Decided To Go Lower Than $100

I’ll be frank with you. Ever since I hit my goals on my “Mission 1”, my focus gradually shifted over subsequent Missions. To tell you the truth, I now derive a greater sense of enjoyment and satisfaction from helping other people reach their dreams.

I know many fitness authors may say a similar thing, however, if you take a look at the Shredder community that has been created for free, the events that have taken place and the sheer number of community videos produced I think you’ll agree that I and our members really are focused on helping other people reach their goals.

Put simply, this is my life, this is what I was born to do!

Thus, a major factor in my pricing decision was to make it truly affordable for those people who are serious about a life-changing body transformation.

So, even though my mentors think I’m crazy (they really do!), I have decided to offer the complete RTP Transformation System at the very very low price of $67.

There Is One More Thing…

In my experience, the only time things really happen in life is when we take massive and immediate action. In regards to health and fitness, the trigger for massive action is usually the “shock” of a serious health challenge or painful experience that “forces” people to “wake up” and stop procrastinating.

However, wouldn’t a better scenario be not having to wait for that painful experience to strike first? Wouldn’t it be cooler to be rewarded for your massive action instead? I sincerely believe that this is the more optimal scenario.

Therefore, if you are someone who is serious about rapid-fire body transformation then I have something very special for you…

The Ultimate Action Taker Bonus!

That’s right! If you purchase RTP you will also receive the ultimate body transformation companion guide…

Action Taker Bonus

Mission 1: 84 Day Real Time Journal

This is a rare opportunity for you to draw inspiration from a guy who has perhaps been in your shoes, and actually see his transformation unfold in real time over 84 Days (the same time period as the RTP Training Program.)

The real benefit here is that you can hold yourself accountable to your transformation goals by “checking-in” daily with the book. You’ll get a real world perspective of what it really takes to transform your body on a daily basis, the milestones and the challenges, the good days and the average days.

And, yes, this is an exclusive bonus. This is the first time I have ever released this real time account in book form.

Truth be told, this Mission really was 6 years in the making, but you can can get it for free when you purchase the RTP Transformation System AND activate your ShredderSphere membership.

Here’s What You’ll Discover in Mission 1: 84 Days

  • Uncensored Account: You’ll get every single as day as it happened, the complete unedited account of the whole 84 day period.

  • Real Time Comments: You’ll also see the comments roll in as my transformation journey started to catch on fire throughout the blogosphere.

  • Milestone Days: You’ll witness first-hand the daily victories: the days I lost notches in my belt, the days I crushed my personal bests in the gym, the day I defeated the Terminator, the day I claimed “victory” over my board shorts, the day I got published, the day my shocking body weight stats came in, and the final shredding days towards my 12-week goal.

  • Challenging Days : You’ll also get a “close-up view” of the challenging days: the day I got food poisoning, the day I couldn’t bend my arms straight, the day I gave myself a big time “reality check.”

  • My Fitness Mentors: You will also discover the three fitness mentors who influenced my approach to fitness: my fat burning mentor who provided me with the spark to start my accountability blog, my fat loss training mentor who actually placed my before and after pics on his sales page, and my abdominal training mentor who helped me carve out a flat stomach over the 84 days.

  • My Success Mentors: I have had consistent feedback that these articles were some of the best I have written. In this section you’ll discover the rogue mentor who taught me the “mastery index”, the mentor who taught me how to “reboot my brain”, and my real life mentor who showed me how to “think big” (you won’t believe this story!)

  • A Travel Journal: Over the 12 week period I had trips to Japan, Surfers Paradise and Hong Kong. This journal will also be especially helpful for those people who frequently travel, as you’ll get a ton of tips about how to stay on track with your training and nutrition program while you are on the road.

So just to recap here’s what you get when you take action right now…

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Receive..

The Daily Personal Blogs of the RTP Grand Champions, The Complete 7 Module 90-Day RTP Transformation System, The Ultimate Action Taker Bonus Package (My 84-Day Journal), Charter Membership to the Private ShredderSphere 2.0 Network,& Your Opportunity to Gain Admission to the Shredder Hall of Fame!

The daily personal blogs of RTP Grand Champions 2009: Dean Theisinger and Elaine Morales, along with real time journals of over 130 Success Stories listed in the Shredder Hall of Fame.

Full 7-Module RTP Transformation System including the 84-Day RTP Training and Nutrition Plan, Real Time Accountability Log Sheets in Excel & Adobe PDF Format, and the Action Taker Bonus.

FREE Membership to the Private ShredderSphere 2.0 Success Community, the World’s First & Only Real Time Accountability Support Community dedicated to total body transformation.

The Shredder Hall of Fame awaits you once you successfully complete your Transformation Mission, along with admission to the exclusive “RTP Transformer Club” – includes private forum & “goodie bag!”

And, if that’s not enough…I’m also going to fully guarantee your investment in the RTP Transformation System.

Your 8-Week 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The RTP Transformation System has already empowered 120 people to get mind-blowing results in just 12 weeks (a 35.04% Success rate!)

If you follow the Action Steps provided in each Module I’m so sure that RTP can get similar results for you that I’m willing to stake my reputation on it.

Here’s my vow to you: Try RTP for a full 56 days and put it to work for you. If for any reason at all the RTP Transformation System doesn’t live up to your expectations, simply email me and I will give you 100% of your money back.

The Proof is Public. 120 Success Stories in the first 4 months as documented daily inside the ShredderSphere.

The System is Step by Step. You won’t get lost. You follow through the Modules and deploy the actions. It’s that simple. And there’s a community full of support to guide you every step of the way.

The Product is Guaranteed. You have a full 56 days to try the RTP Transformation System completely risk-free.

With this System, the public proof, and its guarantee, it should be easy for you join the group that wins.

Secure No-Risk Acceptance Form

Yes! I’m ready to start creating the body of my dreams for only $97!

I want the full RTP Transformation System, FREE access to ALL 7 Modules, the “Mission 1” Action Taker Bonus, and Charter Membership to the ShredderSphere Success Community for Real Time Accountability and Support.

Add RTP To Your Cart For Only $97

Add To Cart And Download Now

See you in the ShredderSphere!

 Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. It is in these moments of decision that your destiny is shaped…The only way you’ll ever find out is if you take immediate action right now, pull the trigger and go massive for the next 84 days.

NOTE: The RTP Transformation System and ShredderSphere Membership is a digital product. Once your credit card is authorized on the ClickBank encrypted order form, you will be taken to the download page where you can instantly download your Digital Book, gain immediate access to the ShredderSphere 2.0 online community and get your Action Taker Bonus. This is an instant download digital book package in Adobe PDF format that can be viewed on a Mac or PC, combined with an online forum and blog network. This product is not available in bookstores. There is no hard copy and no physical product will be shipped.

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