Day 1003: NYC Shredder Meet’N’Greet

G’day Shredders,

Wow! What a day! Today was completely off the Richter in every possible way!

Meeting The RTP Grand Champions At W.Hotel Hoboken!

At 3:00PM, Tom and I made our way over to the W. Hotel Hoboken to meet the RTP Grand Champions and give them their tickets for 2 night’s stay, and went through their Massive “Event Day” Itinerary for the next day!

NOTE: Stay Tuned for tomorrow’s post where the RTP Grand Champions 2009 male and female categories will be revealed!

NYC Shredder Summit “Meet & Greet”

After meeting the Contest Winners Tom and I attended the most exciting event of the day…meeting our fellow Shredders at the NYC Shredder Summit “Meet & Greet”!

This was without a doubt the most surreal experience of my life, when Tom and I walked through the doors we were overcome with emotion, the sight of seeing 50 of our fellow Shredders in one place at one time was completely Off the Richter!

I immediately recognized so many fellow Shredders from the community who we had been following for the previous 3 months. It was such an awesome feeling to see so many happy, glowing faces and transformed physiques.

The best way for me to show you just how cool this experience was is to show you some pics of this Event!

Tom Venuto, ShredderSteve (UK Shredmaster!) and Myself

More pics below…

Vanessa & Myself discussing Shredding!

Tom and me with Peter, Shredder extraordinaire!

Meeting Earl Bloom, Shredder Extraordinaire & Summit MC!

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