Day 309 Video: My First Par In 20 Years!


What a momentous day! I not only played my first game of golf in 20 years, I also got my first par in 24 years! 

The strange this is that I didn’t even plan to play golf on the course today! The only reason I could is because work was unusually quiet. This meant I could finish work at lunchtime and shoot over to Emerald Lakes and meet with my PGA Pro Bro, David Waters.

To be fair, I did start out a little ordinary today. I quickly realised that playing golf on the course is a lot different to hitting balls from a driving range. No two shots are ever the same when you play on the course, the complete opposite of a range!

Dave noticed early on that my follow through and head position were “down” after each shot so he encouraged me to “swing right through.” There were many other things Dave could have corrected me on but he knew exactly the right thing to focus on in the moment. 

After a few holes I started to find my groove a little. My tee shots were still fairly average but I was starting to connect with a few fairway shots (I even put a couple on the green from 100m out!).

Then, on the second last hole of the day I put it all together on a short Par 3! My tee shot landed just to the right of the green in the rough. With advice from Dave on putt distance I put the ball about 6ft from the hole. 

Then came the par putt. I didn’t overthink it, I just went for a spot above the hole and it came back beautifully…and went straight in! Amazing, I never thought I’d be able to a par on my first game back!

I’m already looking forward to my next hit on the course!

Until tomorrow,


Real Time Accountability Log
Day 309 of 365 – June 14, 2022

Mission 4: Day 28 of 84

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Real Time Accountability – Day 309
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Mission 4: Day 28 of 84 – June 14, 2022


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