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5 Public Success Stories

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Carlos DeJesus Ph.D., principal author of RTP Muscle, has personally coached hundreds of “regular people” with stunning success on his proprietary RTP Muscle program over the course of his distinguished career. Above are just five of Carlos’ many RTP Muscle success stories!


Decades In Fitness


Carlos DeJesus Ph.D. is an inventor, author, lecturer, natural physique competitor, and trainer of natural bodybuilding champions who has been involved in the fitness industry for more than 45 years.


3 World Class Certifications


Carlos DeJesus Ph.D. is a world renowned fitness professional. He has a background in exercise physiology, anatomy and kinesiology, is licensed and Certified through the NAHF in Medical Exercise Therapy; has a national certification in nutrition, also a national certification as a personal trainer through NFPT and NAHF with an emphasis on “special needs” populations and is the author of the Natural Bodybuilding Rules and Regulations Handbook for the Christian Bodybuilding Association.

In fact, Carlos is so highly regarded in the exercise science field that he literally wrote the definition for “bodybuilding” and “bodybuilder” Merriam Webster’s 9th Collegiate Dictionary (as seen in the scanned image above).

Natural Champions Produced



Carlos personally coached both Kathy Brady during her successful tilt at the 1992 Natural Bodybuilding World Championships and John Vendetti to place second in the 1992 Natural Bodybuilding World Championships. Kathy and John were both trained on the CTF Formula (forerunner to RTP Muscle).

Natural Bodybuilding World Title

As seen in this television profile, Carlos DeJesus is a veteran of over 35 competitions and the owner of more than 35 trophies and awards. Among his titles are: Mr. European 1977, 1978, 1979,1980; Natural Mr. USA 1980; Natural Mr. North America 1981 and Natural Mr. World 1985.

Fact: Carlos is the only World Champion in natural bodybuilding history to remain undefeated in drug-tested contests throughout his entire career.

The World’s First Real Time, Step-By-StepMuscle-Building System Authored By A Natural Bodybuilding World Champion Is Now Live!


From: Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT


Even though we have never met I think I may know how you feel…

Adam Waters
Adam Waters, Co-author of RTP Muscle

You are tired of spending untold hours in the gym using ineffective training programs that rehash the same old stuff and produce no discernible difference to your physique.

You are sick of following “miracle” diets that dictate deprivation, semi-starvation and complete elimination of your favorite foods.

You are tired of wasting yourhard-earned money on “miracle” fat burners, pills, potions, shakes and gadgets only to discover that these products are based on fraudulent claims and junk science.

You are sick of having your intelligence insulted by glossy fitness magazines (which are wholly owned subsidiaries of supplement companies) promising you can effortlessly “Get Six-pack Abs in 6 days” with a “magic” pill.

You are tired of investing your emotional energy into personal trainers that have been “buff” their whole adult life and have no real idea of the mental,  emotional and physical struggles that you go through on a daily basis.

You are sick of placing your trust in “online fitness gurus” that don’t reveal their true identity and hide behind stock images of professional bodybuilders and fitness models on their product sales pages.

The Bottom Line…

…You are frustrated that after years of using supposedly “break through” muscle-building workout programs, following “mass-building” diets, guzzling expensive supplements and taking “cutting edge” advice from muscle-building gurus you still have not been able to add much (or any) lean muscle mass to your physique.

All What You Really Want Is…

1) Someone credible to give you an exact step-by-step muscle building training and nutrition plan.

2) Someone with an outstanding track record of success helping “average” people hit their goals.

3) Someone who has real world experience and science-based credentials to back up his claims.

4) Someone with integrity who will tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

If this describes you then I advise you to lock the door, take the phone off the hook and read every single word on this page very carefully because…

…After 45 Years, the Reclusive “Secret Weapon” Behind The Most Successful Training Squad in Natural Bodybuilding History Reveals His Jealously-Guarded, Proprietary Muscle Building Blueprint That Enables “Average Joe and Jane” To Build Maximum Muscle In Minimum Time!

Carlos DeJesus, Creator of CTF and Co-Author of RTP Muscle
Carlos DeJesus,
Creator of CTF and Co-Author of RTP Muscle

Long long ago, in a time before the proliferation of self-proclaimed Internet muscle-building gurus, an Athletic Magician became an Exercise Alchemist looking for the Secret Formula
that would transform his “rag tag” band of average men and women into Champion Athletes.

The Exercise Alchemist was 1985 World Bodybuilding Champion, Carlos DeJesus, and his “Rag Tag” band of proteges were the “H.I.T. Squad” (High Intensity Training Squad).

With Carlos’ expert guidance the original “H.I.T. Squad” went on to achieve extraordinary results in very short periods of time.

His proteges rose up through the ranks in double-quick time become bone-fide champions in one of the toughest sports in the world…natural  bodybuilding.

Over 20 Years Of Real Time Testing

For well over two decades, real-world experiments were conducted, real time notes were taken, progress journals were tracked and results were measured obsessively…until one day all the pieces came together to form the Composite Training Formula (CTF).

That’s right, Carlos’ proprietary CTF program is the muscle building blueprint that each and every member of Carlos’ privately trained H.I.T. Squad (comprising of both male and female competitors) personally used to dominate natural bodybuilding contests throughout the 1980’s
and 1990’s.

Put simply, unlike the vast majority of other self-proclaimed muscle-building gurus out there in cyberspace Carlos DeJesus is not only a bone-fide world champion in natural bodybuilding, he has also personally coached professional level athletes to become natural bodybuilding world champions.

Will This Really Work For Me?

Now, you may already be thinking,

“OK, this all sounds great, but I’m not a bodybuilder! I’m just a “regular” person. Will this program work for me too?”

The answer is a resounding YES! You see, here’s the kicker, the CTF Formula is also the exact muscle building program that Carlos’
“regular” coaching training clients have implemented to make amazing strength and muscle building gains in very short periods of time.

In fact, the results that Carlos’”regular” clients have achieved are in many ways more impressive than those of his “H.I.T. Squad” because these “average” people prove with their spectacular results that the principles that underpin CTF are applicable to both male and female trainees of all age-groups, demographics and experience levels.

Real World Case Studies From Carlos’ Successful CTF Clients

While many muscle-building programs out there on the market make all kinds of dodgy claims in regards to their client’s success Carlos can actually show you real-world proof in the form of his original 10-Week CTF hand-written progress reports from three clients: Natural Bodybuilding Champion, John Vendetti; Natural Bodybuilding World Champion, Kathy Brady; Muscle-Building Enthusiast, Gabe Raia and “Super Shredder”, Helen Ford.

Real World Case Study #1: John Vendetti

John Vendetti Gains 22 lbs of Muscle and an increase

of 1745 lbs of Strength in Only 10 Weeks on The CTF!



Testimonial from John Vendetti About Carlos DeJesus

Carlos Is “The Founder of Natural Bodybuilding.”

“My name is John Vendetti, like of most of you, I started out with a dream of becoming  a  professional/successful bodybuilder. Having a prior athletic background that was successful and rewarding.

I felt that I could apply those same principles, discipline, drive and dedication in  achieving my quest for professional bodybuilding success! Like most I dove headfirst into all the materials I could get my hands on. I reviewed, read and researched every magazine, book, television show and contest I could digest, as we all know “knowledge
is power,” so I thought.

Since day one of our training and plan, I began to learn more things than I learned in 8 ears of trial and error. I learned how to train in a system that totally defied all the theories I had learned. It was one of the greatest learning experiences in my life. I would not have believed it, if I didn’t watch my body transform daily. Every phase, every workout and every system had a purpose and was backed by science.

I must say that if Joe Weider is the founding father of bodybuilding, then Carlos DeJesus is the founding father of Natural Bodybuilding. His methods and system have been in the recent spotlight, as new and exciting material. All of his students sit back when reviewing these “new ideas,” with big smiles on our faces, knowing that we were doing
these things 10 years ago!!

Thank You Carlos, you have mentored me and have given me a gift that I will cherish and use for the rest of my Life! “

John Vendetti,

WNBF Natural Bodybuilding Pro

Pennsylvania, USA

Real World Case Study #2: Kathy Brady

Kathy Brady Gains 252 lbs of Total Strength And

Burns 5 lbs of Fat in Only 10 Weeks on The CTF!



Stats: Kathy’s total strength increase over 10 weeks for the prescribed CTF exercises was 252 lbs. Her total weight loss for 10 weeks was 5 lbs.

Testimonial from Kathy Brady About Carlos DeJesus

“Thanks Carlos, You Changed My Life!”

“Carlos DeJesus is a magnificent trainer way ahead of his time in the fitness world. He literally transformed my physique within a short time and I became a world champion.

Thanks Carlos you changed my life!”

Kathy Brady,

1992 Natural Bodybuilding World Champion

Pennsylvania, USA

Real World Case Study #3: Gabe Raia

Gabe Raia Packs On 15 lbs. of Muscle and

895 lbs. of Total Strength on the CTF Formula!



Stats: Gabe’s total strength increase for over 10 weeks
for the prescribed CTF exercises was 895 lbs. His total muscle gain for 10 weeks was 15 lbs.

“20 Years of Success on CTF at only 3 Sessions Per Week!”

“I met Carlos De Jesus almost 20 years ago and he introduced me to the HIT (High-Intensity-Training) squad. My training from that point on has never been the same.

As noted in my pictures, you can see the level of muscle maturity that has developed over the years. I have been as heavy as 230lbs, eating about 7,500 calories a day with a body fat % of 15%. And Today I am at non-competitive weight of 175 lbs with a body fat percentage of 11% .

My peers in the gym do not understand the intensity of my workouts even though I am in “maintenance mode.” Still, my workouts average 45 minutes, just three days a week. My peers
also spend 2-3 hours a day in the gym with no gains and some losing size due to over training. Moreover, I notice some sustaining injuries because of their lack of form, overtraining and overstressed muscles and tendons from lifting too heavy with no control.

I have been consistent with the methods Carlos taught me almost 20 years ago and have sustained my goals in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, muscle growth, low body fat content. In addition, in
attaining these goals I do not have to live in the gym seven days a week, just three, 45 minutes sessions.”

Gabe Raia,

Florida, USA

Real World Case Study #4: Helen Ford

Helen Loses 8 lbs of Fat and Gains 256.8 lbs of Strength

With Zero Cardio in Only 10 Weeks on RTP Muscle!


Testimonial from Helen Ford About RTPMuscle

“I Gained Muscle and Lost Fat Doing Zero Cardio!”

“I tested RTP Muscle for 70 days at home, with free weights, using the Desired Weight Formula for calories (approximate 20% deficit), without re-feed days.

I started at 157lbs and wanted to weigh 150lbs. I did RTP Muscle workout 3 times per week. Cardio was optional (and I am essentially a lazy and contrary person), so I did zero cardio!

Result: On day 70, I weighed 149lbs (1lb better than I had hoped for).

I lost fat, gained a significant LBM and dropped 8lbs of bodyweight in 70 days. The photos clearly show muscle gain.

Therefore, as I dropped 8lbs in weight, logic indicates more than 8lbs of fat loss. As my RTP Muscle experience was a secret test, I was not able to blog on the Shreddersphere.

The accountability element of RTP is enormously beneficial. If I had been blogging, with daily photos and receiving the positive pressure from other Shredders, I certainly would have achieved even better results!”

Helen Ford,

England, UK

For 20 Years They Begged Carlos To Open Up The Secret CTF Vault

In natural bodybuilding circles the “mythical” CTF formula has long been shrouded in mystery. For well over 20 years, the only way you could gain access to this proprietary formula was if you trained with Carlos in person. In fact, if you wanted to hire Carlos today you would have to pay $10,800.00 for personal coaching on his “12-Week CTF Body Makeover” course.

After witnessing the success of Carlos’ Champions over the last two decades, a cavalcade of trainers and natural bodybuilding pros have begged Carlos to “open up the vault” and grant them access to the CTF Formula.

Carlos refused every time, and for good reason. Carlos knew full well that if this powerful information fell into the wrong hands his competitive advantage in the natural bodybuilding arena would be diluted.

Carlos’ Clients Had To Sign “Non-Disclosure Agreements” Just To Gain Access To CTF!

In fact, Carlos was so serious about protecting his proprietary techniques contained in the CTF Formula he would not even consider doing business with any potential client until they first signed a “Non-Disclosure Agreements.” Make no mistake, Carlos knows the value of this System, and he vigorously defends his intellectual property at all costs.

Below is an actual copy of a signed “Non-Disclosure Agreement” signed by one of his clients.


Cutting Through The “Mis-Information Overload”

So, why is Carlos is coming out with his CTF Formula after all these years? The answer is simple, in this Age of “Mis-information Overload” Carlos feels that the time is right to finally set the record straight on CTF and simultaneously cut through all the muscle-building myths, hype and dis-information that clutter cyberspace from disingenuous magazine publishers, corrupt supplement manufacturers and “fly-by-night” Internet gurus.

How? Simple, by providing a world-class muscle-building program that actually has a track record of producing verifiable results among both genders, all trainee demographics and experience levels, along with a private forum in the ShredderSphere, a real time accountability and support network without peer in the online fitness world.

My Chance Introduction To Carlos DeJesus!

In March 2008 I traveled to New York to train with Internet’s No.1 fat loss guru, Tom Venuto. On this trip I was first introduced to Carlos’ “mad genius” when Tom Venuto tested me out on the world famous Quad Blaster (an exercise machine designed and patented by Carlos DeJesus in 1974). Check out the “carnage” in this infamous “Day 505” Quad Blaster video below!

Adam Waters Training on the “Carlos DeJesus Quad Blaster” With Tom Venuto

Within minutes of uploading this video to YouTube something amazing happened, I received an email from the man himself, Carlos DeJesus, via Tom Venuto! Carlos congratulated me on “surviving” the Quad Blaster and was intrigued by my 500 Day real time journey to New York to meet and train with fat loss legend, Tom Venuto.

This email was just the beginning of a wildly successful partnership with Carlos DeJesus. We became fast friends, and soon began collaborating on multiple projects.

Carlos and Adam Project No.1:

The Quad Blaster eBook: quadblaster_ecover_final150This eBook quickly became a smashing success and proved very popular among people wishing to take their quad development to the next level.

After the success of my very own “Quad Blaster Test” on my 160-Day “Mission 5”, we decided work together on writing and publishing a “Quad Blaster eBook” that would enable people to build their very own Quad Blaster from Carlos’ patented plans.


Carlos and Adam Project No.2:

The RTP Training Program: Module_6-150wIn fact, the 28-Day “RTP Circuit Training” fat loss phase was based on Carlos’ “Aerobic Circuit” training program that he originally developed for the prestigious N.A.H.F. The second collaboration between Carlos and myself also proved to be a major success. Carlos generously agreed to provide editorial oversight of the Exercise Module contained in the RTP Transformation System.

With Carlos’ expert guidance this exercise program combined with the cutting-edge mindset, motivation, goal-setting, accountability and nutrition Modules went on to produce 130 success stories in the first 4 months of public release. A 35.04% success rate that is unparalleled in the online fitness industry.

Below are just 4 of the 130 amazing success stories on the RTP Training



Carlos and Adam Project No.3:

The ShredderSphere Community:

Sphere-HomePage-Screen-200WSince the public launch of the  ShredderSphere success community inA massive part of the success of the RTP Transformation System is the “ShredderSphere” real time accountability forum and blog network, of which Carlos is also an “RTP Faculty Member” alongside Tom Venuto, Marc David and Nick Nilsson.

March 2009, Carlos has generously mentored “Shredders” on their way to full-blooded physique transformations via direct comments on their respective blogs and forums. Carlos’ mentorship was so strong, over 50 “Shredders” flew to New York City in August 2009 just to meet him!

Carlos DeJesus, Francesca, Tom Venuto and Adam Waters in New York
Carlos DeJesus, Francesca, Tom Venuto and Adam Waters in New York


Carlos and Adam Project No.4:

New York Quad Blaster Contest: Summit-BLUE-FIN-200wWith a tsunami of support asking for Carlos to attend the “New York City Shredder Summit”, Carlos made their dreams come true by not only agreeing to attend, but also holding a Quad Blaster Contest in Central Park!

In fact, many Shredders were so grateful for Carlos’ expert advice and unconditional support that they started a “Draft Carlos for New York” thread inside the ShredderSphere during the RTP Transformation Contest period in mid-2009!

Check out the winners pictures below!

The New York City Shredder Summit 2009 – Central Park Quad Blaster Contest:The winners of the Quad Blaster Contest, Michelle K. and Ben G. with Carlos!


Carlos and Adam Project No.5:

Real Time Testing On CTF: That’s right, after 20 years Carlos opened up his secret vault and provided me with his proven muscle-building blueprint, the CTF Body Makeover Growth Phase for my personal “Mission 6.”In May 2009, Carlos’ then granted me (Adam Waters) access to the “Carlos’ Crown Jewels”, the mythical CTF Formula!

The exact same program his pro level athletes and private coaching clients had used to make amazing muscle and strength gains in minimum time.

As per our agreement, I documented my progress using the CTF Formula on a daily basis at RTP Blog throughout “Mission 6” for a full 14 weeks leading up to the “New York City Shredder Summit.”

Throughout this real time testing phase I am pleased to report that I personally had never seen seen such muscle and strength gains in such a short period of time…all while working out only 3 days per week for 30 minutes at a time!

Below are my results on CTF Formula I & II (RTP Muscle and RTP Turbo) for the 14 weeks on “Mission 6” from April 20, 2009 to August 3, 2009.


Adam Waters’ 14-Week Results on the CTF Formula I & II (RTP Muscle & RTP Turbo). April 20, 2009 to August 3, 2009.


After 20 Years of Real Time Testing and 7 Months of Product Development, the 21st Century Version of CTF Goes Live!

While I was in the United States for the New York City Shredder Summit I spent 3 days consulting with Carlos at his place in Virginia. During this meeting Carlos and I officially decided to take CTF to the next level and release this program under the RTP banner.

By joining forces once again Carlos and I are able to bring you two proven systems: the CTF Muscle-building Formula and the ShredderSphere real time accountability and support system.

So, after decades of being hidden from public view the “lost” CTF Archives have been transcribed into a new document, the 21st Century Updated Version of the CTF Muscle Building Manuscript…….RTP Muscle!




What Will RTP Muscle Do For Me?

RTP Muscle has only one purpose:

Empower you to build lean muscle mass quickly, safely and effectively.

Follow the Action Steps exactly as they are laid out and RTP Muscle will:

  • Fast-track your success by saving you potentially years of frustration, misery and wasted effort by hand delivering to you Carlos’ exact muscle-building weight training, cardio and nutrition program for rapid results (a comprehensive 84-Day Muscle-building training and nutrition plan is included).
  • Eliminate your confusion once and for all by cutting through the information overload, the clutter, the hype and the mis-information by showing you what it really takes to add lean muscle in the shortest time possible.
  • Crush your limiting beliefs about what is possible by sharing with you never-before-revealed gut-wrenching
    details of Carlos’ personal setbacks and challenges, and how he overcame the odds to become a world champion.


What Do I Get When I Purchase RTP Muscle?

RTP Muscle contains 15 Sections, an 84-Day training plan, an 84-Day customized nutrition plan and a Private Forum in the ShredderSphere 2.0 Real Time Success Community with direct access to Carlos DeJesus and Adam Waters.

Note: ShredderSphere 2.0 is a private real time accountability and support community (with a “plug n play” blogging system and interactive forum) that has already produced over 130 success stories in the first 4 months of operation. Included is a Multimedia “Nerve Center” with over 150 videos, and a 750-Strong Exercise Image & Video Database that can all be accessed in a matter of minutes so you can get started on building muscle immediately.

RTP Muscle Is an 84-Day Real Time Course

Here is exactly what you can expect from RTP Muscle and how this result-producing system is delivered to you.

What You Will Receive:

RTP Muscle: 295 Page System Overview

Section 1The Origin of RTP Muscle: Carlos’ personal story.

Section 2 RTP Muscle Forerunner: Composite Training Formula.

Section 3RTP Muscle Objective: Building lean muscle mass.

Section 4RTP Muscle Success Stories: The Secret logs of champions.

Section 5 RTP Muscle Training Program: Theory, principles & logs.

Section 6 RTP Muscle Cardio Program: Theory, principles & logs.

Section 7RTP Muscle Ab Program: Theory, principles & logs.

Section 8RTP Muscle Nutrition Program: Theory, principles & logs.

Section 9 RTP Muscle Training Program: Theory, principles & logs.

Section 10 RTP Muscle Support Forum: Direct Access to Carlos.

Section 11RTP Muscle Training Logs: Your 84-Day training plan.

Section 12RTP Muscle Exercises: Start/Finish images & descriptions.

Section 13 RTP Muscle Exercise Substitution List: Alternate exercises.

Section 14RTP Muscle Glossary: Explanation of exercise terminology.

Section 15RTP Muscle Accountability Logs: 84-Day Real Time Logs.

When You Will Receive It:

You will get the entire RTP Muscle System digitally delivered to you immediately after your purchase.

Why The Course Is Structured This Way:

Carlos and I have structured the course this way in order to prevent the usual “information overload” people experience when they download a new fitness product and are immediately faced with anywhere from 10 to 20 different “books” and “bonuses” from the get-go.

Thus, instead of feeling a sense of “overwhelm” you can focus your energy and attention with laser-like precision on one Section at a time. The first 10 sections cover the all-important components of
mindset, motivation, exercise and nutrition science, theory and principles. The first 10 sections are specifically designed to prepare your mind, body and spirit for what is coming next…84 days of focused muscle-building action!

ShredderSphere 2.0: “RTP Muscle Private Forum” Access Pass

Members will receive access to the exclusive ShredderSphere 2.0 “RTP Muscle Private Forum” so you can immediately connect with Carlos, Adam and like-minded people who share your desire for
a “muscle transformation.” You will gain immediate access to ShredderSphere 2.0 “RTP Muscle Forum” after your purchase.

Activation: Hitting The “Go Button”

You will also gain immediate access to the official 84-Day RTP Training Program Workout Logs and Real Time Accountability Log Sheets in multiple formats (PDF for printing and Excel format for electronic input) inside the RTP Muscle Private Forum.

Bottom Line… RTP Muscle has only ONE objective:

Get you to take the single daily actions that produce muscle-building results.

Each Training and Nutrition Section contains specific Action Steps that require only one commitment from you – follow the simple directions.

You’ll never get lost, or wonder what you should be doing next. The entire 84-Day plan is all laid out logically and intuitively for you to MAXIMIZE action and eliminate wasted effort.

During the pre-launch phase of RTP Muscle I have received many emails and private messages from Shredders asking specific questions about RTP Muscle training and nutrition principles, and whether this program is also suitable for women.

In order to help you make an educated decision regarding RTP Muscle I have reprinted the commonly asked questions below.

RTP Muscle: Frequently Asked Questions

I am a lady. Is RTP Muscle only for men or can I use this program too?

Our RTP Muscle female success stories (Kathy Brady and Helen K.) should reassure you that RTP Muscle works for women as well as men, but let me reassure you even more. The fundamental principles and exercise science behind RTP Muscle are applicable to both men and women.

While gaining muscle may sound like a “guy thing”, please remember that the more muscle you have on your frame the more toned you will be.

Bottom Line: You are in complete control at all times, you will not get “bulky” on this program!

In fact, you can choose the body you desire on RTP Muscle because your results on this program (just like any other) will be gradual.

1. The body of a competitive female fitness model or figure competitor (like Kathy Brady).

2. A lean and ripped body with six-pack abs and nice muscle definition (like Helen K.).

3. A fit and lean body with enough definition and shape to turn heads in a bathing suit.

4. Just look better than you do now.

With that said, the major difference between men and women are the caloric requirements. Women need less calories than men and our RTP Muscle Nutrition Program provides the exact caloric calculations required for “toning”, shaping and sculpting your body.

I am very interested in RTP Muscle, can you give me more details on the RTP Muscle Nutrition Program?

The best way to explain the RTP Muscle Nutrition Program is to first let you know what it is, and what it isn’t.

What The RTP Muscle Nutrition Program Is: The RTP Muscle Nutrition Program is a common-sense caloric approach to nutrition design and meal planning that will help you maximize gains in lean muscle mass while minimizing gains in bodyfat (and in many instances will help you simultaneously reduce bodyfat as seen from our success stories above). RTP Muscle Nutrition will also help rev up your metabolism, stabilize your blood sugar levels and increase the strength of your immune system.

What The RTP Muscle Nutrition Program Is NOT: The RTP Muscle Nutrition Program is not a “weird mass-building diet” based on the latest supplements or fads. There are no “strange” diet stipulations, no unreasonable restrictions, no “weird” gimmicks, no supplement requirements and no “quick fixes” with the RTP Muscle approach to nutrition.

The Action Step formulas presented in this System are an extended codification and distillation of the principles contained in Tom Venuto’s best-selling Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle eBook (done in full co-operation with Tom Venuto) with the primary emphasis here in building lean muscle (as opposed to fat loss).

Put simply, the RTP Muscle Nutrition Program will empower you to design a meal plan that is customized to your unique body type, energy requirements and physique goals, all within a set of results-based muscle-building parameters.

I’m a vegetarian. Can I still use the RTP Muscle Nutrition Program?

Yes, the list of muscle-building foods in the RTP Muscle Recommended Foods List does contain a selection of protein sources which are non-animal based. In fact, the whole philosophy of the RTP approach to nutrition is for each individual to customize their nutrition plan to the fat burning foods of their choice.

Is muscle gain the only focus of the RTP Muscle Training Program? Can I use this program to lose fat as well?

The main focus of the RTP Muscle Training Program (in conjunction with the RTP Muscle Nutrition Program) is pure lean muscle gain. While fat loss is achievable on this program, the overriding objective of the RTP Muscle Training and Nutrition Program is lean muscle gain
and a regulation of bodyfat. However, I also detail in great depth how I and the six RTP Muscle Success Stories have gained muscle and lost bodyfat over our respective “Missions”, information that you can use to reduce bodyfat while simultaneously building muscle over the term of your Mission.

Please Note: The 84-Day RTP Muscle Training Program is a “relatively intense” weight training and cardio program designed for those individuals seeking to gain maximum muscle in minimum time over a 12-week period. If you are not serious about total muscular body transformation, and just looking for a couple of “light” workouts this training program is not for you.

Tell me more about the actual workouts in the RTP Muscle Training Program. What are they and how long do they take to finish?

RTP Muscle is a training program that employs MMS (Maximum Muscle Stimulation) to help you build lean muscle mass and gain strength, while keeping your body-fat “in-check.”

There are three primary reasons why RTP Muscle works so well for building muscle and gaining strength:

Reason 1) The “Larger Engine Concept”: a larger muscle is a stronger muscle when it is on the same frame, you’ll consume more calories while exercising, and at rest.

Reason 2) Exercise Sequence Protocol: including four components: Prioritization Principle; Push-Pull Protocol; Growth Hormone Release and the “Overlapping Effect.”

 Reason 3) Fiber Specific Training: utilizing all three muscle fiber types with specific T.U.T (Time Under Tension) training techniques: Slow Twitch Type I; Fast Twitch Type IIa and Super Fast Twitch Type IIb.

The weight training workouts presented in the RTP Muscle Training Program are specifically designed for the busy working person, at an average of 30 to 40 minutes minutes in duration, performed 3 times per week.

The RTP Cardio Program utilizes the fat burning benefits of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) twice per week and Steady State Cardio (longer duration cardio) once per week. The stand-alone Abdominal Training is completed three times per week and includes the unique
“Squeeze Technique”, a 10 minute workout.

With these amazing testimonials along with Carlos’ credentials as a Natural Bodybuilding World Champion who charges $10,800 for personal coaching you are probably wondering…

How Much Is RTP Muscle Going to Cost?

When most people think of “cost” they usually define this in purely monetary
terms. However, when measuring the true value of a product or service it is prudent to consider all three resources at your disposal: Time;  Energy and Money.

Resource #1: Your Time

How much value do you place on your own time?

How many more years of trial, error and frustration are willing to endure
before discovering what works?

How long are you going to wait to build muscle get the body of your dreams?

Furthermore, how much value would you assign to a program that has produced natural world bodybuilding champions, 20 years of real world testing and 7 months of development?

What kind of value would you assign to a product authored by 1985 World
Champion Natural Bodybuilder, Carlos DeJesus, who has 45 years experience bodybuilding experience and charges $10,800 for 12-week personal personal coaching on CTF?

Likewise, how much value would you assign to a product with a nutrition
component that contains editorial oversight from the world’s best-selling
Internet fitness author, Tom Venuto, who has 20 years experience designing
cutting-edge nutrition programs and thousands of success stories worldwide.

Your Solution: RTP Muscle will dramatically shortcut your learning curve and potentially save you years of frustration, misery and poor muscle-building results.

Resource #2: Your Energy

How much longer are you willing to commit your energy and focus to muscle-building programs that do not address the core mindset, motivation and emotional factors necessary for success on the physical realm?

Conversely, how much value would you assign to a product that can supercharge your energy levels, mental clarity, focus and empower you to live the life of your dreams?

Your Solution: As I documented extensively on my blog, a full-blooded body transformation can radically transform your life in a very short period of time, “awaken the giant within” and empower you to live your dreams.

Resource #3: Your Money

How much are willing to pay to get the body of your dreams?

If you are like many people who want to gain muscle, build strength and transform their physique, money is no quite literally no object.

Option 1: Pay Carlos $10,800 – As you can see from Carlos’ CTF/RTP Muscle success stories above many aspiring “muscle-builders” have already gotten spectacular results from Carlos’ personal coaching. If you can afford his $10,800 12-week CTF coaching fee this would be money well-spent.

Option 2: Personal Trainer – Another common approach is paying a personal trainer to do up a muscle-building program for you. In most cases, hiring a quality personal trainer is a great investment, as they will give you a solid training program to follow, and perhaps even a meal plan if you are lucky.

However, quality personal trainers also come with “premium prices” and usually charge a minimum of $75 per session, and recommend you train with them a minimum of 3 days per week for optimal results.

This means you are looking at $2,580 for 12 weeks of personal training, without a guarantee that you will even get results unless this trainer addresses the core mindset and motivational factors that ultimately determine success.

Option 3: Supplements – There are also many people who spend up to $100 per month ($1,300 per year) on “cutting edge” muscle-building supplements only to be frustrated when the results don’t come.

Here’s the Great News! The RTP Muscle System will not cost you the $10,800 you would have to pay to hire Carlos as your coach, the $2,580 you would pay for 12 weeks with a good personal trainer, or the $1,300 per year you could easily spend on worthless supplements.

In fact, you will save money as no supplements are recommended or “required” when following the RTP Muscle Nutrition Program.

So let’s cut to the chase! How much does this System cost?

Here’s The Deal!

When considering the pricing of this System I consulted with Carlos himself…

“Adam, given that there is no other program on the market written by a World Champion Natural Bodybuilder, along with the fact that this Program contains over 50 years of our combined knowledge and life experience packed into one 84 Day Course, and access to a Private Forum in the ShredderSphere real time support community you have to price it at a minimum of $100.”

Using this formula, that equates to $2.00 per year ($100/50 years), which would be tremendous value in anyone’s language.

However, while we seriously considered charging $100 for this System, there is one specific reason why I ultimately decided to
go with a lower price.

Why We Decided To Go Lower Than $100

I’ll be frank with you. Ever since I hit my body transformation goals on Mission 1 back in early 2007, my focus gradually shifted over subsequent Missions. To tell you the truth, I now derive a greater sense of enjoyment and satisfaction from helping other people break through physically, emotionally and spiritually. Likewise, Carlos has dedicated 45 years of his life to helping other people reach their dreams, as evidenced by his long list of success stories and testimonials.

We know many fitness authors may say a similar thing, however, if you take a look at the ShredderSphere community was originally created for free, the free “Shredder Summit” events that have taken place in New York (where Carlos and I went to personally meet over 50 of our friends and supporters) I think you’ll agree that we really are focused on helping other people reach their goals.

Put simply, this is our life, this is what Carlos and I were born to do!

Thus, a major factor in our pricing decision was to make it truly affordable for those people who are serious about a life-changing
body transformation.

So, even though Carlos and I could easily charge $100 for this System, we have decided to offer the complete RTP Muscle System and a “private access ” forum with direct access to Carlos and myself inside ShredderSphere 2.0 at the low price of just $59.95

So just to recap here’s what you get when you take action right now…

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Receive..

The 84-Day RTP Muscle System With Step-By-Step Instruction, and Direct Access to Carlos DeJesus in the RTP Muscle Private Forum


Sphere 200

And, if that’s not enough…I’m also going to fully guarantee your investment in the RTP Muscle System.

Your 8-Week 100%
Money-Back Guarantee


The RTP Muscle System contains over 50 years of combined knowledge, experience and results from Carlos DeJesus and Adam Waters.

If you follow the plan exactly as it written I’m so sure that RTP Muscle can get great results for you that I’m willing to stake my reputation on it.

Here’s my vow to you: Try RTP Muscle for a full 56 days and put it to work for you. If for any reason at all RTP Muscle doesn’t’t live up to your expectations, simply let me know and I will give you 100% of your money back.

The Proof is Public. 130 Success Stories in the first 4 months on the original RTP Transformation System, along with 5 public success stories on the RTP Muscle System.

The System is Step by Step. You won’t get lost. You follow through deploy the actions. It’s that simple. And there’s a community full of support along with a private RTP Muscle Forum to guide you every step of the way.

The Product is Guaranteed. You have a full 56 days to try RTP Muscle completely risk-free.

With this System, the public proof, and its guarantee, it should be easy for you join the group that wins.


Secure No-Risk Acceptance Form

Yes! I want the full 84-Day RTP Muscle System, the 84-Day Workout Logs, Direct Access to Carlos in the “RTP Muscle Private Forum” inside ShredderSphere 2.0.

Add RTP Muscle To Your Cart For Only $59.95


Add To Cart And Download Now




See you in the ShredderSphere!

 Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters


P. S. It is in these moments of decision that your destiny is shaped…The only way you’ll ever find out is if you take immediate action right now, pull the trigger and go massive for the next 84 days.

NOTE: RTP Muscle is a digital product. Once your credit card is authorized on the ClickBank encrypted order form, you will be taken to the download page where you can instantly download your Digital Book, gain access to the private RTP Muscle Forum at the ShredderSphere 2.0 online community. This is an instant download digital book package in Adobe PDF format that can be viewed on a Mac or PC. This product is not available in bookstores. There is no hard copy and no physical product will be shipped.

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