Day 119: Banged Up By The Surf!


Ouch and ouch! Yesterday I had my second surf lesson, and yowsa, I banged up my left shoulder and knee in one hit!

My day started out well enough, I was up with the birds at 4:30 am, I felt good, so I thought to myself “Let’s do that second surf lesson today!” However, when I arrived I saw that the conditions were drastically different to my first outing. 

This time around the winds and the tide made the surf choppy and all onshore. What this meant was “surfing” in waist deep water right on the sandbar. That would have been ok except I also got dumped on my shoulder and knee against the rock hard sand right off the bat!

At the time I didn’t think too much of it and just kept on surfing (aka trying to stand up). However, when I got home I could start to feel my knee seize up a little. Then about an hour later came the shoulder pain, which was much worse! So much so, that I could barely sleep last night due to the shoulder soreness, no matter what position I placed myself.

Suffice to say, I’ll be giving it another four weeks until my next lesson! I’ll need that much time to get my shoulder and knee right I reckon. I’ll also use this time to strengthen my core and overall flexibility where I am severely lacking in a surf context at the moment. If all goes to plan I’ll be under 90 kgs by that time as well. We’ll see!

Until tomorrow,


PS The surf photo below is a grimace, not a smile!

Day 119 of 365 – Dec 6, 2021

Mission 2: Day 29 of 84

* Four 84-Day Missions To Be Completed in 365 Days
(Aug 10, 2021 to Aug 9, 2022)

RTP Module



1) Mindset (My Stand)


2) Motivation (PRW’s)


3) Goals (Visualisation)


4) Accountability (Scales)


5) Physique
  – Daily Acc. Picture (3 pts)
  – Training Complete? (1 pt)


6) Nutrition
  – Food Daily Picture (2 pts)
  – Drink Daily Picture (1 pt)


7) Real Time Wildcard
  – Minimum Steps 10k


Daily Accountability Score



Cumulative Acc. Score



Cume. Acc. Percent Score



Real Time Accountability
Scales/Proof of Work (Day 119)

Mission 2: Day 29 of 84 – Dec 6, 2021


10K Steps (Y/N)

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