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Day 476: Back Under 200 lbs…But Wrist Goes Down Again - Real Time Physique Blog by Adam Waters

Day 476: Back Under 200 lbs…But Wrist Goes Down Again


This week was bittersweet! I have dipped below 200 lbs again (first time in a while) but I also aggravated my wrist injury again. As a result, my workouts were halted again in order to take the load off my right wrist.

Weirdly, I cannot pinpoint a moment were my wrist “went”, it seems always to be an incremental situation where I wake up one day and notice it has flared up again. This is really frustrating as trying to work around becomes very difficult. 

That is, if I know exactly what triggers it I can avoid that particular exercise. However, I also have to take my work into account. I have a physically demanding job and it is entirely possible it is this that is aggravating it. Back to the drawing board I go!

The silver lining to this week was keeping my diet (and thus my weight) under control, even though I only completed two workouts for the week. My goal for the coming week is to get back under 90kgs, somewhere I haven’t been since late August of this year.

Until next week,


Weekly Accountability Log
Day 476 of 730 – Nov 28, 2022

Mission 6: Day 14 of 84 (M6 Week 2)

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Week 1 Accountability – Day 476
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Mission 6: Day 14 of 84 – Nov 28, 2022

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One thought on “Day 476: Back Under 200 lbs…But Wrist Goes Down Again

  1. Hi Adam, I totally understand when these injuries happen while training. Also I been meaning to ask what does “Hypershred” training consist of, is it anything like other programs you’ve used or designed like basic, turbo, metabolic surge programs?

    On an additional note I bought myself a Garmin Connect watch for birthday, trying to get it set up.

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