Day 917: Mission 11 – The Final Countdown!


Note: As I finished my 84-day Mission 10 yesterday I realised that I would be posting again today for the start of Mission 11 so I decided to make one single post for both.

Mission 10 Recap: Strong Start, Soft Finish

On the Mission 10 front I started strong but finished with a whimper! By Christmas Eve on Day 867 I had actually hit two long term goals simultaneously: body fat under 15% (14.9%) and body weight under 170 lbs (77.1 kg). 

However, this was as good as it got for Mission 10. From Christmas Day all the way to my birthday (Feb 1st) I was a little “loose” with my training. With long days at work I too often took the soft option by bypassing the gym and going straight home.

No Wiggle Room In My 50’s

On the nutrition front I am still feeling the consequences of overindulgence during Christmas, New Years and birthday celebrations. These extra calories coupled with my relative inactivity has an immediate impact on my waist line! 

It never used to be like this in my 20’s and 30’s, back then I could have an entire “cheat day” every week and still hold the line with my weight and body fat, not so anymore! It is not a huge deal as it only a few extra kgs that I know I can burn off, but it is frustrating doing these “mini yo yo’s.”

Mission 11 Begins: Countdown To Day 1000!

With Mission 10 now in the past, today is a new day, and a new opportunity to fine tune my approach for the big one. That’s right, Mission 11 begins today! The Mission Clock has started ticking towards Day 1000!

My goal with this Mission is to finally get down to a weight and body fat that I will be happy to sustain going forward. In other words, I’d like to arrive at a weight and body fat that is optimal for my health and mobility as I move into my 50’s.

Doable…But Can I Do It?

At my current weight of 82.2 kg (181.2 lbs) and body fat of 16.1% I know that 12 weeks is enough time to hit a lean, athletic body shape that will hold me in good stead for the long term. With surfing as my new hobby I’ll also be focusing on flexibility and a strong core. 

I know this Day 1000 goal is very doable. It will however, take a level of dedication, discipline and compliance that I haven’t quite managed since Mission 1 (2021) & Mission 2 (2022). 

A One-Time Only Milestone

I also know that this Day 1000 is a one time only deal so I should make the most of this milestone. Translation: whatever happens in the future there is absolutely no way I’ll be rebooting this blog again, there will be no more “Day 1’s” or “Day 1000’s”

Catching A Long Wave On Day 1000?

My vision of Day 1000 is also quite strong…catching a wave “out the back” and riding it all the way to shore! This coming week will be my 3rd lesson in a 6-week course and I plan to follow that up with another 8-week surf course in the countdown to Day 1000.

Let’s see if I can actually make it happen…

Until Day 923,

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters

Mission 11: Day 1 Accountability
Pictures And Stats

Weekly Accountability Log
Day 917 of 1000 – Feb 12, 2024

Mission 11: Day 1 of 12 (M11 Day 1)

RTP Module



1) Mindset (0.5 pts per day)


2) Motivation (0.5 per day)


3) Goals (0.5 pts per day)


4) Scales (0.5 pts per day)


5) Physique
  – Weekly Picture (21 pts)
  – 6 Workouts? (7 pts- rest)


6) Nutrition
  – Food Plan (2 pts per day)
  – Drink Plan (1 pt per day)


7) Real Time Wildcard
  – 10k ave steps (1 pt p/d).


Cumulative Acc. Score



Cume. Acc. Percent Score



Mission 11: Day 1 Accountability
Scales/Step Count (Proof of Work)

Mission 11: Day 1 of 84 – Feb 12, 2024

Day 1 Weight/Bodyfat

Day 1 Steps/Training

RTP Time Machine: On This Day 2 & 17 Years Ago

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2 thoughts on “Day 917: Mission 11 – The Final Countdown!

  1. Good Luck Adam with Mission….ahhhh…..11?

    As I was typing the above, I cant help but draw comparison to NASA and the Apollo 11 mission. The objective set by JFK on the 25th May 1961, to perform a crewed lunar landing and return to earth. As we know they accomplished this in July 1969.

    If your looking for inspiration on YOUR mission 11, feel free to google the challenges Neil, Ed and Michael overcame which most people overlooked or forgot due tot the colossal milestone achieved.

    The actual walk on the moon was literally the easiest stage.
    Hoping this reference provides some extra lift and thrust for a successful landing.
    Sorry about the poor humor.

    Good luck Neil/Adam!

    1. Hey Phil, its funny you should say that mate as I recently saw the “First Man” movie focused on Neil Armstrong and his journey to the moon. It was a real eye opener, like you said the easiest part was actually walking on the moon! The logistical challenges they had to overcome were enormous, truly inspiring. I’m also reminded of SpaceX rockets landing back on their starting position, thank God that wont be me on Day 1000! Have a great week Phil!

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