Day 8 Pics: That Was Intense!

Day 8 of 84

Status: Round 1: Phase 3: Day 1


Today kicked off Phase 3, 5 days of low-fat nutrition combined with intense “muscle-building” workouts.

The workout I did today is called “Muscle Rounds”, you basically take a weight that you can normally do for 10 reps for any given exercise, like squats. Instead of doing a set of 10 reps do a mini-set of 4 reps. The kicker is that you repeat this 6 times with only 10 seconds rest between each mini-set.

The benefit is that at the end of one round you have 24 reps with a weight you could normally only do 10 reps with. This kind of intense workout provides a major stimulus for your muscles to grow.

Here are the Day 8 pics for November 15, 2006.

See you tomorrow, AJ

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