Day 560: First Week Back, Still Injury and Pain Free!


I’ve got great news to report…I’m one week down on M7 and I’m still standing! No wrist flare ups after three solid workouts. 

In all fairness though, I did not max out any of my lifts, I thought it would be smarter to start back at around 70% of my max strength on all my lifts. The old me stupidly would have been gung ho on my first week back (and probably would have re-injured my wrist!).

Maybe I’ve learned a thing or two over the last few months…?!

On the results front, my weight did creep up a little over the weekend. I probably overindulged a little too much with my yoghurt, fruit and honey weekend ritual. I’m ok with that, I kinda knew that would be the case as I have a pretty finely tuned understanding of how my body reacts. I’ll just have to tweak it going forward on this Mission.

That’s all for week 1, see ya next week!


Weekly Accountability Log
Day 560 of 730 – Feb 20, 2023

Mission 7: Week 1 of 12 (M7 Day 1)

RTP Module



1) Mindset (0.5 pts per day)


2) Motivation (0.5 per day)


3) Goals (0.5 pts per day)


4) Scales (0.5 pts per day)


5) Physique
  – Weekly Picture (21 pts)
  – 6 Workouts? (7 pts)


6) Nutrition
  – Food Pics (2 pts per day)
  – Drink Pics (1 pt per day)


7) Real Time Wildcard
  – 10k ave steps (1 pt p/d).


Cumulative Acc. Score



Cume. Acc. Percent Score



M7: Day 7 Accountability
Scales/Step Count (Proof of Work)

Mission 7: Day 7 of 84 – Feb 20, 2023

Day 7 Weight/Bodyfat

Day 7 Steps/Training

5 thoughts on “Day 560: First Week Back, Still Injury and Pain Free!

  1. Great update Adam, thankyou…glad to hear the wrist injury is holding up for you.

    “over-indulged”…fruit, honey and yoghurt. Would like to believe 17000+ steps a day would allow some wiggle room. Maybe I am still in denial and want to justify a reward for getting to 10,000 steps with a gym session.

    Keep up the great work mate, inspirational.
    Your ‘dragging’ me along with you on this mission.

    1. G’day Phil! Thanks mate, very kind of you to say. Its funny you say that mate, back when I restarted getting to 10k steps per day was a major accomplishment as it took a lot of effort to get there consistently. I also found that my body responded quickly to all that new stimulus! Now that I have reached an equilibrium (or plateau) it takes a lot more effort to drive it down to “lean”. I guess my frame of reference gradually changed over time. For anyone restarting like I did I would say absolutely getting to 10k steps per day consistently is a major milestone and all things being equal it should have a great impact on your physique. Thanks again mate, have a good one!

  2. Are you counting your steps at work towards your daily goal? At my factory job I average about 15,000 steps per shift. But I’ve read that a “leisure” 30 minute walk daily is best for us “older” folks. Lol. Plus it helps with metabolic recovery.

  3. Absoutely! I count all steps throughout the day, my job usually gets me to a minimum of 16k, Mondays can be as high as 27k. Due to my type of job these are like HIIT steps! Three or four times a week I’ll also add in a run/jog as well to keep my heart and blood moving properly

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