Day 497: Back Under 195 lbs…With Only Steps!


Another extremely busy week with an average of 21,000 steps per day, along with a lot of lifting and moving heavy objects! With this activity alone I dropped another 1 kg (2.2 lbs) to get down to 88.2kg. 

Only one more week to go before my schedule of 12-14 hour work days reverts back to a more manageable level (10 hours a day/5 days a week). Once again, while I did not get any regular workouts in, my workdays are a type of real world “functional training.” However, I am looking forward to those proper sessions again over my Christmas break!

Until next week,


P.S. Pics and stats are from December 19, 2022. Post uploaded on December 24, 2022. 

Weekly Accountability Log
Day 497 of 730 – Dec 19, 2022

Mission 6: Day 35 of 84 (M6 Week 5)

RTP Module



1) Mindset (0.5 pts per day)


2) Motivation (0.5 per day)


3) Goals (0.5 pts per day)


4) Scales (0.5 pts per day)


5) Physique
  – Weekly Picture (21 pts)
  – 6 Workouts? (7 pts)


6) Nutrition
  – Food Pics (2 pts per day)
  – Drink Pics (1 pt per day)


7) Real Time Wildcard
  – 10k ave steps (1 pt p/d).


Cumulative Acc. Score



Cume. Acc. Percent Score



Week 5 Accountability – Day 497
Scales/Step Count (Proof of Work)

Mission 6: Day 35 of 84 – Dec 19, 2022

Day 35 Weight/Bodyfat

Day 35 Steps/Training

4 thoughts on “Day 497: Back Under 195 lbs…With Only Steps!

  1. Hi Adam
    Great to see you back and crushing it👊
    Was wondering what you do for a living nowadays?
    And will uiu evrf consider creating another ‘Sphere’ as previous for group accountability?

    1. Hey Xavier, thanks man! Not long after this post I crushed my wrist though! I have thought about restarting the Sphere many times but thought I needed to post solid results over two years before starting it again. If I make it to Day 730 in one piece and have the energy for it I’ll definitely consider it.

  2. Adam,

    You helped me get my life on track many years ago (back in 2006). At around age 20, I went from 220lbs to 140lbs, and even managed to dip into single digit body fat.
    Because you and your story had such a profound impact on me, once every couple of years I would check in and see if there were any signs of you on the internet.

    I was so happy and surprised today to see that you are back in some capacity and just spent a good part of today watching your videos from the last two years.

    I know you switched over to daily accountability posts, but you havent posted anything in a while. I hope you dont give up or regress on the amazing progress you have made so far. You have been doing great since 2021 and you continue to be an inspiration. Please stay strong and get back on the wagon if you have fallen. I am sure you have many people like me cheering you from the sidelines. I saw an old familiar face from back in the 2006-2007s (Carlos de Jesus), who I remember you used to talk about, came out and left a comment on your blog just a month ago. I imagine many like him and me are out here hoping for your success in finding peace and strength.

  3. g’day Ender! Thanks a lot for your comment mate. I was real buzzed when I read it, and great to hear your amazing progress! Its not easy but totally worth it ey?! Yeah, mate I’ve been on the sidelines for the last 7 weeks with a wrist injury, but there is light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks again mate

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