Day 407: Walking Wounded?!


Oh no…only three workouts this week! What happened? Unfortunately, I strained my right knee while squatting my bodyweight (90kg) on the squat rack. 

This was very disappointing as I’d incrementally rebuilt my squat poundage from 60kg at the start of this Mission. While I did get the odd creak from knee on my way back up to 90kg I didn’t think it was anything serious. 

However, last Sunday I definitely felt a small “pop” in my kneecap and knew instantly that I’d done some damage. To be on the safe side I cancelled my scheduled run and squat session on Monday and Tuesday. 

Now, three days after the fact my knee feels ok, but I am resigned to the fact that I will have to substitute my beloved squat with alternatives for the time being. With my wrist still in ordinary shape (most likely a tendon tear) I cannot afford to have my knee blow out as well!

With all this taken into account, today I tried “Hack Squats” on minimal weight and felt good. When I go in for my scan on my wrist in a couple of days I’ll also get my knee done as well, just to see what I’m dealing with. Hopefully it is a just a blip, and I can get back to strength building on this Mission!

Until next week,


Weekly Accountability Log
Day 407 of 730 – Sep 20, 2022

Mission 5: Day 36 of 84 (M5 Week 5)

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Week 5 Accountability – Day 407
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Mission 5: Day 36 of 84 – Sep 20, 2022

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