Day 392: De Quervain tenosynovitis!

Mission 5: Week 3 Results.


As you can see from the title of my blog post and the pic I finally got a diagnosis on my wrist…De Quervain tenosynovitis! Apparently the full technical name is even longer and weirder!

The gist of this injury is that there has been inflammation of the tendon sheath between the thumb and the wrist. In order for the wrist to heal I’ll have to immobilise it at the joint for the next 6-10 weeks, hence the need for a brace. 

Now for the not so smart part, I have felt the strain for the last two months but did nothing about it…hoping it would go away! Because the issue was so minor I assumed it was not a big deal. 

Well, as I found out a couple of days ago (after swinging a golf club a few times) that is not the case! If I don’t allow it to heal I may end up with a permanent tear of the tendon sheath, not good! 

Sailing and Golfing Put On Hold

What this means for the short term is that my golfing and sailing will have to be put on hold until it heals. I am still yet to actually complete my “Breaking 100” golf challenge from Mission 4. My wrist has actually been giving me issues since around Day 340 (just after I made my first par on the course).

With sailing my wrist issue is even more acute due to the stress placed on my wrist in big movements (hauling myself onto the boat from the water) and also small movements (adjusting the main sheet, etc). With a bit of luck I may be able to finish the last lesson of my course before the end of Mission 5, we’ll see.

The Good News

With all this said, the good news is that with my brace on I can do regular weight training and cardio without any issue! So, there will be no excuses for not following through on my action plan for Mission 5.

Actually, the last seven days of training compliance was an improvement on the prior week. I only missed one workout all week, and saw some strength gains on my big lifts. I’ll be looking for full compliance this coming week.

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PS Below are my Week 3 stats with my weight/bodyfat and activity level.

Week 3 weight movements
Week 3 Activity levels.

Weekly Accountability Log
Day 392 of 730 – Sep 5, 2022

Mission 5: Day 21 of 84 (M5 Week 3)

RTP Module



1) Mindset (14days)


2) Motivation (14 days)


3) Goals (14 days)


4) Accountability (14 days)


5) Physique
  – Daily Picture (14 days)
  – 6 Workouts ? (14 days)


6) Nutrition
  – Food Pics (14 days)
  – Drink Pics (14 days)


7) Real Time Wildcard
  – Minimum Steps 10k ave.


Cumulative Acc. Score



Cume. Acc. Percent Score



Week 3 Accountability – Day 392
Scales/Step Count (Proof of Work)

Mission 5: Day 21 of 84 – Sep 5, 2022

Weekly Weight/Bodyfat

Weekly Steps/Training

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