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Day 2 Pics: I Can Feel It! - Real Time Physique Blog by Adam Waters

Day 2 Pics: I Can Feel It!

Day 2 of 84

Status – Round 1: Phase 1: Day 2


Oooh yeah, I can feel it alright! The muscle soreness has already kicked in from yesterday’s workout. You hear guys talk about muscle memory – the concept that your muscles remember how to perform certain exercises – however the only thing my muscles can remember is pain!

Of course from a bodybuilder’s perspective this is actually a good thing as it means that I have successfully stimulated my muscle fibres to defend itself from this perceived attack. This process of microscopically damaging muscle fibres – along with solid nutrition and rest – is what actually causes your muscles to grow.

Today I completed Phase 1: Day 2 of my 12 week program. This is essentially part 2 of the “Fat Loss Circuit Training” I did yesterday. I targeted 4 muscle groups – shoulders, triceps, quadriceps and hamstrings – while doing 40 seconds of intense cardio during my rest periods.

Nutrition wise, today was also a low-carb day. I have consumed only 30 grams of carbs today along with 175 grams of high quality protein. On top of this I also drank about 12 glasses of water, very important in any bodybuilding program.

Here are Day 2 pics for November 9, 2006. See you tomorrow. Peace, AJ

2 thoughts on “Day 2 Pics: I Can Feel It!

  1. Something doesn’t make sense here…

    Your belly is far smaller on day 2 when compared with day 1. Are you sure about this day 2 pic? It looks more like a week 4 or 5 pic.

  2. Yes, I’m sure. As sure as I am sitting here typing this. The difference in this pic is I am trying to suck in my gut. I am entitled to do that.

    Also check the post date below, that is absolute proof.

    Adam Waters

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