Day 182 Video: Mission 3 Begins!


After a week of “Active Recovery” I’m back for Mission 3! The last couple of days I’ve been eager to get into proper training again. One because I actually miss it, and two because the clock is ticking!

The challenge I’ve built into this Mission is something I’ve often thought of doing but have never actually done…a triathlon! That’s right, eight weeks into this Mission I’ll be competing in the Gold Coast Triathlon!

One thing I should make clear though, I’m entering the “Enticer” division which is a far cry from the “big daddy” Ironman distances (even the Olympic distances). Unlike Ironman Kona (3.8km/160km/42km), my event distance will be 300m open water swim, 6.8km bike and 2.5 km run. 

While those are truly short distances relative to the bigger events it will still be a challenge for me especially when you add in the open water swim factor plus race day nerves! The other cool thing is that my bro will be competing as well so it will be a great bonding experience going through all the training with him.

With Mission 3 I’ll still be doing my regular “Judgement Day Challenges” on Day 84. That is the 5km run, 250m swim along with chin ups and push ups. My goal here is to beat my previous bests. I have also included a “Mission 3” overview below so I am clear about what I am undertaking!

In the video below I also discuss the “elephant in the room” regarding my physique, and what I plan on doing about it! I also talk about the modifications I’ve made to my training and nutrition so I don’t lose weight too fast (believe it or not!).

Until tomorrow,


Real Time Accountability Log
Day 182 of 365 – Feb 7, 2022

Mission 3: Day 1 of 84

RTP Module



1) Mindset (My Stand)


2) Motivation (PRW’s)


3) Goals (Visualisation)


4) Accountability (Scales)


5) Physique
  – Daily Acc. Picture (3 pts)
  – Training Complete? (1 pt)


6) Nutrition
  – Food Daily Picture (2 pts)
  – Drink Daily Picture (1 pt)


7) Real Time Wildcard
  – Minimum Steps 10k


Daily Accountability Score



Cumulative Acc. Score



Cume. Acc. Percent Score



Real Time Accountability – Day 182
Scales/Step Count/Run (Proof of Work)

Mission 3: Day 1 of 84 – Feb 7, 2022


Step Count/Training

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