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Day 13 Pics: Back In The Groove - Real Time Physique Blog by Adam Waters

Day 13 Pics: Back In The Groove

Day 13 of 84

Status – Round 2: Phase 1: Day 1


Yesterday I got my just desserts!

I took a day off yesterday (hence no update) and had my first “reward meal” in 12 days. Man, I really enjoyed digging into some curry rice and ice cream. The best thing about a “reward meal” is having it totally guilt-free because of the strict training and dieting I had done for the previous 12 days.

As strange as it may seem it is beneficial for both the body and the mind to have a reward meal. This helps the body by throwing your metabolism for a loop and preventing stagnation. Your mind also benefits because let’s face it, you’d go crazy if you couldn’t indulge yourself every now and again.

Today marked the start of Round 2. It is basically a carbon copy of Round 1 with the intensity and training volume turned up a gear. For more variation I have also added some different “Super-setting” techniques and cardio exercises like swimming and skipping in addition to running.

Today I did “Fat Loss Circuit Training”, 8 sets each of chest and back and 5 sets of biceps and calves. Between each set I did 40 seconds of skipping (i.e. rest period).

Another twist I added today was “Jump Sets”, that is alternating between the two exercises. What this does is allow each body part more time to recover thereby making for more powerful lifting because your muscles are fresher.

My nutrition is back to “Low-Carb” for the next 5 days. I am eating mainly fibrous carbs like lettuce, carrots and asparagus. My protein source is salmon, tuna, eggs and powder.

See you tomorrow,

Peace, AJ

P.S Here are Day 13 Pics for November 20, 2006

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