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Day 1 Pics: The Truth Hurts - Real Time Physique Blog by Adam Waters

Day 1 Pics: The Truth Hurts

Day 1 of 84

Status – Round 1: Phase 1: Day 1










Ok, so I am all pumped up on Day 1 of my 12 week/84 day program. This afternoon I completed Phase 1/Day 1 of my program.

Today’s workout is called “Fat Loss Circuit Training”, its a low-rep heavy weight workout with 40 seconds of intense cardio during “rest periods.” Today’s session was a real wake-up call, my current fitness level is ordinary with a capital O.

N.B: Phase 1 consists of 5 days of heavy weights, intense cardio and “Low-Carb” eating. I’ll fill you in as we go along.

After I finished I came home and decided to face the truth head on…and don’t it hurt!

Anyone who has ever done one of these “before and after” transformations already knows what I am going to say next. Yes…I’m talking about the dreaded “before pictures.”

There is nothing like seeing your overweight body on film to really give you a kick up the wazoo. I’m here to say that the truth really does hurt. So much so that I thought twice about exposing myself half-naked on this blog with my fat self.

But, in the interests of blogger integrity I have decided to put up the before pics as you can see above. I have used the “Japan Times” newspaper in my photo so there is no confusion – i.e. proof – of my official start date.

Check the photo below for a blown-up pic of the newspaper with the date November 8/2006 clearly shown. For horse racing fans you can see that the picture is the winning Japanese jockey of the Melbourne Cup – Australia’s most famous horse race.

Here are the stats of my body composition test taken October 26/2006 by the futuristic “Bod Pod”, I’ll tell you more about it later.

Total Weight: 84.0 kg/185.1 Pounds (U.S)
Lean Weight: 66.5 kg/146.6 Pounds (U.S)
Fat Weight: 17.4 kg/38.3 Pounds (U.S)
Body Fat % : 20.8%

Also, here are my body measurements taken on October 26/2006.
Bicep: 37.1 cm/14.6 inches
Tricep: 35.2 cm/13.8 inches
Waist: 92 cm/36 inches
Chest: 103 cm/40.5inches

I’m gonna do the Bod Pod again in one month (it ain’t cheap you know). I’ll keep you posted.

Peace, AJ

2 thoughts on “Day 1 Pics: The Truth Hurts

  1. Hey there. Your before pics look similar to what I looked like when I started last week, except I have about 25 extra lbs and 5% more body fat.

    So hopefully I can end up looking simlar to your after in 90 days 😉

  2. Thanks Nick, from what I have seen of you so far in the “Burn the Fat Inner Circle” I have no doubt that you will get there mate.

    Eat Clean,
    Shred hard,
    Think BIG!


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